Most Common Causes Of A ‘Check Engine’ Light

You are driving home when suddenly the check engine lights turns on. It comes with no explanation and warning. For most vehicles, this means a trip to an engine repairs Melbourne shop. The ‘check engine’ light is one of the most confusing and frustrating warning lights on your dashboard. It simply informs you there is a problem with the engine, which can mean anything. The best thing is to take the car to an engine repairs Melbourne shop and entrust professionals with the most critical part of your vehicle. Here are possible causes for the ‘check engine’ light.


Oxygen Sensor – This is a part of your vehicle that monitors the oxygen that is unburned from the exhaust. It gives information about how much fuel your car uses. Generally, most vehicles have between two and four sensors, and the code from the scanner will give you the information on which one needs to be replaced. With time, the oxygen sensor gets coated in oil, what reduces their ability to monitor the oxygen level. Not replacing a sensor that is broken can lead to a busted catalytic convertor which can cost you a lot. Taking your vehicle to an engine service Melbourne shop is the best thing you can do if you notice a broken or damaged sensor.

Loose or Faulty Gas Cap – The gas cap is another important part of your vehicle. When it is cracked or loose, fuel leaks are common. This can cause damages to your fuel system. This defect increases the gas emissions and reduces the gas mileage. If your vehicle is making strange or unusual sounds when the ‘check engine’ light comes on, the first thing you must check is the gas cap. Take a look and see if there are any cracks on the cap. Continue with your driving and see whether the engine light turns off. If this happens, all you need is to replace the gas cap, otherwise take the car to an engine service Melbourne shop.

Mass Airflow Sensor – This sensor tells the computer in you car to use the right amount of fuel, depending on the air that is coming through the car engine. A broken airflow sensor can reduce the gas mileage, can cause the vehicle to stall and also increases the gas emission. Usually, this sensor fails because of improperly installed air filter. You need to replace the filter once in a year in order to keep the airflow sensor in good condition. Theoretically, you can drive your car in this condition for weeks or few months, but with time your vehicle will start stalling often. Taking you car to a reliable engine repairs Melbourne shop is the best thing you can do to prevent costly repairs.

Wires And Spark Plugs – The spark plug provides a gab for spark and initiates combustion in the engine. When the plugs are broken, the spark plugs misfire. The plugs needs to be replaced regularly, but they can fail without any reason and there isn’t much you can do. Replacing the spark plugs is not something you should do on your own. Instead take your car to an experienced engine service Melbourne shop where the spark plugs will be quickly and easily replaced.