Most Commonly Used Telehandler Attachments

A telehandler is described as a machine that is used in many industries for lifting and moving different loads and materials. The telehandler by appearance and function is similar to a forklift, while others say that it is some kind of special crane. By combining the advantages of both machines, the telehandler is a heavy duty-machine that is heavily used in warehouses or production facilities where efficient material handling is required.

What makes the telehandler a versatile machine, is the wide range of telehandler attachments that are available on the market. The telehandler attachments allow the machine operator to perform more operations, saving in this way time and money. The most commonly used telehandler attachments in the mining, agriculture and construction industry are the following ones: 


Buckets. The telehandler buckets are available in nine different variations. With a robust and compact design, they are used for a variety of applications. Generally, they are used for loading and unloading tasks, and for pushing materials as well. These telehandler attachments are also very useful in operations for ground leveling and backfilling trenches. The buckets provide maximum efficiency when used for mining, construction and agriculture jobs.

Forks. These telehandler attachments are used for agriculture and warehouse applications. The major characteristics of the telehandler forks are flexibility, durability and safety. The forks are most commonly needed for loading and unloading different types of materials. The forks can be adapted for handling and picking materials even on uneven surfaces. Regardless of the ground conditions, the telehandler forks help a lot by providing great stability.

Clamps. The clamps are available in different sizes and models, depending on the operations for which they are used. There are clamps for basic bale, high capacity manure grab, mixing bale, super compact bale, and other bale types. In general, all clamps feature a lower teeth that provides high level of stability. These telehandler attachments are very efficient and easy to use.

Cranes. Another popular telehandler attachments are the cranes. These tools are used for material handling tasks. The wide range of crane attachments, such as: crane jib, swivel jib, extension jib and crane jib with hooks, make the cranes perfect tools for agriculture and mining tasks as well. Because they offer a high level of flexibility, the cranes are standard telehandler attachments for many daily tasks.

Platform. This is one of the most commonly used telehandler attachments. The platform is perfect for enhancing and simplifying the work tasks that need to be performed on high places. The platform is perfectly secured which makes it suitable for lifting people. It can be accessed from both sides, and this option provides high flexibility. These telehandler attachments comes with two fork sleeves that enable easy moving during any lifting operation.