Multi Tools: Utility, Portability and Versatility in One

multi-toolsNo matter whether we like it or not, life can be unpredictable. Sure, there are going to be situations that you expected, but there are also those you didn’t see coming. This is exactly what’s the essence of the concept of a multi tool. While it may seem like it’s a concept that can be attributed to modern times, it’s actually dating back to the days of the ancient Roman armies, the period from 201 to 300 AD, and it wasn’t until the 19th century that it found its way back to popularity with Victorinox’s Swiss Army knife.

Nowadays, a name that stands out in the EDC (every day carry) world is, of course, Leatherman, whose 1983 PST (pocket survival tool) revolutionised the design of multi tools for good, and as such it’s one they still produce. Since tools have always been part of human life, the idea behind these tools in particular is giving one the chance to be prepared no matter the situation. Considering the great lengths technology has gone to, we have a wide range of tools to choose from. The core of every tool you’d come across is convenience, giving you the chance to tackle a problem quickly and easily, and efficiency, having in mind you’d make use of all the tools included sooner or later.

With a vast variety of options to pick from it can be rather confusing, and though most multi tools might have similar sets of different tools, they’re not all created equally. Don’t be surprised if when you finally make up your mind on the multi tool you want to buy, you end up getting hooked on this sort of tools altogether. The great thing about owning one is the doors it opens to your creativity in dealing with problems and solutions, meaning a multi tool is adaptable and you’d find yourself using some of the different tools for jobs they aren’t primarily meant to do.

While they certainly aren’t replacement for traditional tools, they can handle multiple small jobs; from measuring, cutting or prying something open to loosening, tightening and opening bottles, there’s so much these tools can do which goes to show they can be useful when off road, in cases of emergencies, or doing repairs at home. Utility, portability and versatility are all attributes of a multi tool as it can be found in many sizes and designs, but how does one make the choice on which to buy? First time buyers go for a multi tool with a bigger set of different tools, and usually have high price as their guide to quality. You don’t have to buy the biggest and most expensive multi tool offered for sale to know you’ve made a good purchase.

Of course, quality is something we’re all after to ensure it’s money well spent, but it’s not uncommon to hear it thrown around often by most brands. If you want to be sure on the quality, pay attention to the materials a multi tool is made of. Stainless steel and titanium are proofs of durability due to their non-corrosive properties. Smooth and easy operation are other essentials you should be after; when a tool is safely deployed with just one hand, and allows for use of a single tool even while other pieces are open, you know it’s a good one. Then, there’s safety – as long as there’s a safety lock with a mechanism that’s fully functional and wouldn’t fail you, then it’s a tool worth buying.

Don’t forget to read through reviews on certain products to help you narrow down your choice and check the features.