Must-Have Elements for Every Living Room & How to Choose Them Right

When moving into a brand new space, one of the first rooms you may want to get ready is the living room. After all, it’s the most prominently used room – the one you’re most likely to show off to guests. Whether your home’s style is traditional or modern, bold or subdued – there are a few crucial pieces that make up every living room. Here are the needed elements for a functional living room and how to choose them right.

Living Room Furniture

Comfortable Seating to Lounge In

At the end of a long hard day, we all want to stretch out on our living room sofa. A cosy sofa is one of the greatest pleasures in your home. But it’s also the largest statement piece in your living room, and as such it has the power to affect the look of the whole space. With that being said, you want to invest your attention and money into choosing an attractive, comfortable and durable sofa.Sofas can be upholstered in a variety of materials. If you want a design with a masculine vibe that’s easy to clean, dark leather sofa is a great option. If you want to give your living room some opulence, opt for a sofa upholstered in lush velvet. Linen sofas can keep you cool in the summer, and are excellent at resting pilling. Consider the colour of the sofa too. For instance, even if a white sofa may look perfect in your living room, if you have little kids running around, having to clean your sofa on the regular may be too much to handle.

A Hard-Working Entertainment Unit

Regardless of how living rooms differ, most of them share one common element – a TV. And with the TV also comes a great deal of technological components and cables that you will need to store somewhere. That being said, along with the TV, you’re going to need a hard-working model of entertainment units as well.

Tv Cabinet

You need to look for a piece that can complement your living room’s design while also being a good match for your TV. There’s a variety of entertainment units to choose from, so whatever your living room’s style may be, you’ll easily find a piece that can match it. For instance, a minimalist contemporary setting can benefit from a TV cabinet made from glass or stainless steel, while a traditional living room will demand a model made of hardwood, such as teak, oak or maple. There are also television units with colourful designs and unusual shapes if you want to make a statement. However, my advice would be to go for a more subtle design that won’t be of any distraction to your TV marathons.

Since technology has evolved so much, there’s more cables and more gadgets to store than ever. That being said, when looking for the perfect TV unit for your space, you should also make sure it can offer a great deal of storage for your media equipment, cords, satellite or cable receiver, PlayStation and everything else needed. If you have kids or pets running around, consider getting a unit with enclosed storage where all the equipment will be safely hidden away.

A Coffee Table to Tie the Room Together

A living room without a beautiful coffee table at its centre is a lot like putting on a gorgeous evening outfit and then skipping on the makeup. It simply looks unfinished. So, make sure to pick a coffee table that will tie the space together in a nice way. Again, consider the overall style you want your living room to have, and pick an appropriate design. For instance, a rustic space can benefit from a raw wooden coffee table made of reclaimed wood with dents and signs of distress that give it a beautiful worn-out vibe.

Glass Coffee Table

If you want to make a small living room appear bigger, a glass coffee table can create the illusion of more space. And if you need a coffee table to put the clutter at bay in a minimalist Scandinavian interior, opt for a design that features drawers for storage.

A Cute Area Rug

An area rug gives the space instant warmth and style when chosen right, but there are many other reasons why it’s a must-have addition for the living room. In any case, even if you love the idea of adding an area rug, you may struggle with finding the right piece for your room. But your search can get easier if you know the rules of thumb for area rugs.

First of all, you need to make sure that it’s the correct size. If it’s too small, it will make the space look disjointed. On the other hand, if it’s too big, it can overwhelm the rest of the room. A helpful tip is to pick a rug that can fit all the seating furniture and coffee table. Ideally, there should be at least 1 meter for bare floor between the area rug and the walls of the room.

When it comes to the style of the rug, make sure it matches the rest of the room. For instance, if you have a Scandinavian-style room, opt for a rug with a monochromatic design or one featuring geometric patterns in neutral colours. In any case, make sure that the colour of the rug blends in harmoniously with the rest of the room’s palette by following the main rules of colour theory .