Must-Have Makeup Tools & Accessories (From Blending Foundation to Curling Eyelashes)

If you are stepping up into the makeup world, there are many different makeup tools, accessories, and applicators that you need to become familiar with. They all come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, materials, bristles, lengths and densities, which makes it even harder to figure out exactly what you need in your makeup kit. In order to apply makeup the right way, you need tools that are straight-up beauty must-haves.

Blending Sponge


Mastering the use of foundation brushes requires some skill, but you have an alternative – a foundation sponge. Used worldwide by professional makeup artist, this practical makeup blender is an absolute essential for applying and blending base makeup. Thanks to its smooth and rounded shape, it won’t leave behind any weird lines or stray bristles, thus giving you an airbrushed finish effortlessly. Plus, its dump surface helps to sheer out your foundation, concealer, or cream blush and provides a natural finish. This beauty blender absorbs water rather than the product, so your foundation, concealer, BB cream, cream blush, etc. will last longer.

Wondering how do you use a foundation with a blender? Before you apply makeup, saturate the makeup blender with running water and squeeze out the excess. In order to ensure the beauty sponge is soaked enough, repeat this process a couple of times. This process will enlarge the blending sponge, making it softer and fluffy. The wetting process is necessary to prevent the sponge from soaking up all of your foundations (as it’s already damp with water), plus it helps to blend your makeup smoothly. Its broader side is used to stamp and stipple your liquid formula, and its top is to reach the nook-and-crannies around your nose and under-eye areas.

This beauty blender is made from a latex-free sponge material. It typically lasts anywhere from 3 to 6 months, depending on how well you take care of it. The key to keeping your sponge in perfect condition is cleaning it every day. There are many blender cleansers that can effectively clean and condition the sponge without damaging it.

Bronzer Brush


This is a long, fluffy, bristles-filled brush that can be used to apply a blusher and a bronzer. It is designed to evenly distribute powder over your complexion to set and enhance your look. Bronzer brushes can come in a dome or angled shapes. The angled brush is perfect for contouring the cheekbones and defining the facial structure with shading. Use a softer bristle to create a subtle flush or a densely packed one to deliver a stronger colour pay-off.

For blush, you just have to find the apple cheeks, and lightly swirl the product upwards towards the ears. For bronzer, loosely sweep the brush in a “3” pattern. Start from the forehead, cutting across the cheekbones, then move back out and down to your jawline.

Eyeshadow Shader Brush


This is the basic brush you need to apply eyeshadow. It is the key to getting an opaque, even layer of colour on your eyelids. Eyeshadow brushes are usually flat, dense and rounded at the tip, so they can pick up eyeshadow powder and pack the pigments on the eyelids. To apply eyeshadow, dip the brush head in the product. Then, shake off the excess by tapping the brush. Pat the product on your eyelids and gently sweep the shadow over the lids by starting from the inner corner working outwards until it is blended out in a nice gradation.

Eyelash Curler


Using mascara without curling your lashes first is like applying hair spray on straight hair without curling it. There are various eyelash curlers out there which can vary in size, shape, and arch curves. Hence, aside from the classic clip-design, there are eyelash curlers that look like nail clippers, and some are even powered by electricity i.e. heated comb.

These curlers create length and volume without applying ten coats of mascara. They are easy to use, lifting and curling every lash, even the short and stubborn ones. They provide effortless mascara application and a wide-eyed finish. To use it, open the curler place over your lashes, squeeze gently and hold for a few seconds, then open and remove. It is as simple as that.

Eyebrow Brush


If you want to achieve the perfect eyebrow arch and fuller brows, you need a good eyebrow brush. This brush usually comes in a dual-end. One end is a flat and firmed angled bristle, and the other one is a spoolie. To use it, fetch the product using the slanted bristles and fill in the sparse areas between brow hair. Then, comb your eyebrows according to the direction of hair growth with the spoolie to soften them.