Natio: Discover the Power of Natural Beauty

Who doesn’t want to have beautiful, healthy-looking and naturally glowing skin? The truth is, everybody does, especially women who spend so much time pampering their skin in the morning and evening. Without a doubt, applying toners, face serums and SPF in the morning and double-cleansing in the evening is essential, but there’s more to it.

To get the best results, you will need high-quality products. And truth be told, not all high-quality products are designed to squeeze your wallet like a lemon. There are some of them which are natural and affordable enough so everybody could enjoy their benefits. Such products are the ones coming from the renowned Australian company Natio.

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A Few Words About Natio

The name of this brand symbolises nature and purity. Pronounced ‘NAY-TEE-OH’, Natio is an Australian family-owned and operated natural beauty-care brand that was founded in 1993. From the very beginning, the goal of this company was to provide its customers with natural and plant-based body and skincare products. So, it’s not strange that Natio has grown to become an iconic Australian brand that can provide its customers with quality and natural products.

A Few Words About Their Products

The most important thing you need to know about the iconic Natio Australia products is that they combine only the finest natural ingredients. The company uses plant extracts and pure essential oils in order to produce lightweight beauty products that can provide you with beautiful, healthy and radiant skin. Cleansers, toners, moisturisers, eye creams, exfoliators, lip treatments, fragrances and men cosmetics are just a part of the large selection of Natio products you can take advantage of.

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In addition to the basic skincare products, Natio Australia can also provide you with a large selection of natural colour cosmetics. These products are inspired by all the amazing natural colours that can be found in the Australian landscape. That being said, you can choose from the wide range of highly pigmented and amazingly looking eye shadows, lipsticks, lip glosses, etc. coming in natural and appealing colours.

Another important fact why people love this brand is that its products are not tested on animals. In fact, Natio is passionate about animal welfare and it was in 1996 when this brand has been accredited by ‘Choose Cruelty-Free’, an Australian organisation screening beauty care companies. This is a company that helps consumers recognise genuine cruelty-free brands.

Natio’s Best Sellers


Women know best that no makeup look is complete without putting on a little blush on the cheeks. And there really is no better or easier way to do that than with Natio’s highly pigmented blush. Coming in a range of shades, the Natio blusher is an all-round powder blush that will adorn your face with a nice and soft colour while giving your cheeks a nice shimmer and sun-kissed glow.

Vitamin C Brightening Serum

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By now, we all know the importance of applying vitamin C, especially in the morning. Vitamin C serums are designed to accelerate your skink’s natural regeneration process while promoting clearer, brighter and smoother skin. This antioxidant-rich vitamin C serum is great for brightening the signs of hyperpigmentation and melasma but only if followed by a high SPF face cream. Otherwise, you risk obtaining worse hyperpigmentation. For those times when not using SPF but are still exposed to the sun, it is best if you use it only at night.

Pure Mineral Skin Perfecting BB Cream SPF 15

This BB cream is ideal for all the ladies who want to stick to the natural look on their face. Although a cream, this BB cream is designed to provide you with even natural coverage while providing you with long-lasting hydration and healthy-looking skin. The best of all is that it has SPF 15 which is great considered as another bonus, especially for the ladies who don’t have the practice to apply sunscreen on a daily basis.

Tinted Moisturiser

Unlike the BB cream, this tinted moisturiser can provide you with very high protection SPF 50+. Designed from plant naturals to calm and condition your skin, this tinted moisturiser will condition, protect and even out your skin. As the name implies, this moisturiser has a little bit of colour, tint in it and it claims to provide a light to medium coverage.

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Rosewater and Chamomile Gentle Skin Toner

Giving the fact that pampering your skin with a nourishing yet gentle toner should be an essential part of your morning and evening routine, you can certainly try this Natio’s amazing toner. Free of alcohol, this plant-based toner has rosewater and chamomile as main ingredients which are designed to hydrate your skin while removing any surface impurities. Suitable for all skin types, this toner would act as the ideal base for prepping your skin for further face treatments, like the use of face oil, face serum, moisturiser, face cream, etc.

As you can see, the range of products coming from this Australian brand is huge. So, if wondering ‘is Natio a good brand’, feel free to try one of its products. One thing is certain, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by them.