Negative traits of zodiac signs

Zodiac signs

There are 12 zodiac signs in astrology and each sign has its own positive and negative characteristics. Each zodiac sign has specific traits and astrology usually has only words of praise for all signs, while their negative traits are rarely mentioned. Keep reading to find out which are the negative traits of all zodiac signs!


Aries has a bad temper and gets angry easily. Immature and naive, Aries in a relationship can act like a teenager. People born under the Aries sign are always thrilled when they start working on something, but that doesn’t last long – soon something else will catch their attention. Their impatience can be very irritating – when they want something, they want it immediately. Selfish and narrow-minded, Aries-born are almost unable to step into someone else’s shoes.


Taurus is very stubborn. Do not expect to ever win an argument with him – even if he is wrong, he will not falter. They don’t like housework, so they will sit in the couch to be “out of your way”, while you clean the house. Taurus will always put their needs ahead of yours. Sometimes they can be incredibly boring and they don’t like to talk about emotions.
Even when you know that they are going through a difficult time, they will still claim that everything is fine.


Gemini is totally unreliable. You never know with what kind of person you’ll wake up in the morning, because they are known for their rapid mood changes. They get bored easily, they never finish anything because they quickly lose interest and lack determination.


Their moodiness is exhausting. They can often insult or offend someone, and they are very clingy. Cancer likes to depend on others and sometimes they can quickly turn a relationship into a marriage. Life with Cancer can be very boring – they don’t like adventures and to experience new things.


You will never feel safe in a relationship with a Leo, becase they flirt with everyone, all the time. They will never love you more than they love themselves. They never admit their mistakes and their arrogance can be very annoying. Leo must be the center of attention all the time, which is why you will always be in his shadow.


Virgo will always find a purpose to criticize you. Life with Virgo means that you will always have to be the one who pulls the first move. Virgo is so fickle! Uncertainty is their permanent feature, which can cool you off. If you leave dirty dishes in the dishwasher, be prepared for hours of complaining.


You will never be sure what Libra really thinks, because they will always tell what you want to hear. Making decisions in consultation with Libra is a real nightmare and can last for hours. They will never watch your back. Vain and obsessed with physical beauty, they will always expect you to look perfect. They are very mellow and lazy.


Their jealous outbursts are epic – do not expect to have a lot of friends if you are in a relationship with a Scorpio. You will never know how you’re feeling really, because Scorpio will constantly manipulate with your emotions. They are capable to make you feel completely insignificant and they are mysterious and volatile, so you’ll know just what they want you to know. With the negative and strict Scorpio, even the small quarrels will turn into a major debate.


Sagittarius-born do not know how to listen and will always interrupt you in mid-sentence. If you do not entertain them all the time, they won’t stop complaining. Good luck in trying to teach them something new, because they think they know everything! Sagittarius can be insolent , insensitive, bad-tempered and hard to controll person.


Capricorn will always put their job in front of you.They like everything to be under their control and everything they do is for their own benefit. Capricorn hates spontaneity, and he is so closed off.


Aquarius lives in fantasies and therefore always seems like being absent and far. A relationship with an Aquarius may seem like an endless series of lectures. Yet they know best. You will rarely spend some time alone, because their ideal date means a lot of friends. They can easily judge others. You will always know what they think, but you’ll never know what they feel.


They act like they are not from this world. You can never force a Pisces to do something, but when they start something, it will take them many hours to complete it. Pisces do not know what hey really want in their life. They are willing to sacrifice their needs and emotions in favor of the relationship, and then they will despise you because they did it. They idealize relationships and expect that you will live according to their unrealistic expectations.