Organic Home Products: Ditch Toxic Chemicals and Improve Your Well-being

Often, you’d hear people say life was better in the years gone by when everything was simpler (in other words, technology free), people weren’t that solitary and had more time at hand to devote to loved ones. While I agree up to a degree, I certainly wouldn’t give up technology, especially not my electronics. I used to be a tech addict, but over time I realised the damage this kind of lifestyle was causing so I snapped out of it eventually and now I am happy to be in the perfect balance of spending sufficient time with electronics, work and family.


However, technology isn’t the only reason I love being part of the world of today. The other reason, the one that’s my purpose of writing this article, is the increasing awareness of the population worldwide (especially among young people) on how to lead a healthy lifestyle, what choices to make regarding nutrition and exercise. This doesn’t only affect longevity, but the quality of life altogether which is why everyone is catching up with the trend of being healthy. My beginnings started out as most people’s, making the right food choices, how to have the nutrition intake without letting that have an impact on my weight, combined with staying hydrated and having the right share of physical activities.

But, unlike most, I didn’t stop there. As much as my overall well-being was considerably better than before, I still felt there were things I could change, such as implementing organic home products and ditching the synthetic toxic ones. By home products I mean anything, from bedding, to towels and clothing, opting for options as cotton, bamboo, linen and wool – fabrics that were grown without the use of toxic fertilisers and pesticides. Along with learning more about foods and calories, we should learn more about the fabrics we use on a daily basis, those we wear and those we sleep on considering they greatly affect our well-being.


By eliminating synthetic and inviting organic home products in my day to day life, I managed to get rid of chemicals, as are the formaldehyde, heavy metals and carcinogenic dyestuff, usually found in polyester, acrylic, rayon and nylon. The transition from organic food to organic fibres is one I highly recommend since we all care about our well-being. Opting for organic products means opting for eco-friendly options with minimal environmental impact, as they decompose easily and are more sustainable; for instance bamboo doesn’t require a great quantity of water to grow.

I’ve come to notice organic products are considerably more durable, be it for clothing, bedding or bathroom and kitchen products so you don’t only get eco-friendly but quality too, the best of both worlds. Natural fibre clothing and bedding are hypoallergenic, soft on the skin, breathable, absorbent and thermo-regulating, that’s what makes them incomparable. The bamboo is particularly thermo-regulating which is why for me it’s the best year-round option because it keeps me warm in winter and cool in summer. If you still haven’t made these changes in your lifestyle, now is as good a time as any to take that step and improve your well-being.