Outdoor Furniture: How to Create a Cool and Cozy Outdoor Living Room

We never knew what we had until it was gone. After being locked down, we’re all awakening and the return to the great outdoors is not only popular, it’s a necessity. Unfortunately, we can’t always be outside. Or can we? 

With a stylish and well-organised outdoor area, it’s possible to enjoy the sun and fresh air whenever you want. An outdoor area can be part of your cosy home instead of being a separate entity. You can feel the comfort, warmth and protection of your indoor living room while the sun and gentle breeze are stroking your skin and hair. And for an outdoor area to be fully complete and ready for lounging you need the right choice of furniture. 

Choosing Outdoor Furniture 

When buying outdoor furniture, you need to ask yourself what materials are water-resistant. There are many options available that provide UV and mould protection. Nonetheless, just as you would use a car cover for the protection of your vehicleit’s always smart to cover your outdoor furniture when not in use, at least in the winter.

Depending on the climate you live in, consider the temperature and humidity when you choose the materials as they can cause cracking and fading or mould and rust respectively. The best materials for outdoor furniture are woods like teak, wrought iron, stainless steel, resin and plastic. 

Choose a compact and space-saving or mobile outdoor patio furniture piece if you can as it will allow flexibility and variety in your outdoor area. Here are some ideas on the type of outdoor furniture you can get.

Outdoor Ottomans 

From the Ottoman Empire to our living rooms and finally our patios and backyards, ottomans are designed so you can comfortably put your feet in the air. There’s nothing more satisfying than finding chic ottomans for sale as they offer the perfect combination of style, comfort and practicality for your outdoor space. 

Firstly, their design and mobility give them a space-saving capacity. The gorgeous outdoor ottomans on the market can embellish your outdoor area instead of crowding it. You’ll have extra seating any time you decide to entertain your guests outside and can put them away with ease when the party’s over. Make sure to choose outdoor ottomans with a memory foam fill instead of beans because it’s superior in comfort and can easily expand or return to shape. 

Secondly, the palette of colours is versatile, making sure you can find one that matches your outdoor design. And if that’s not enough, get different ottoman covers to spice things up. Not only can they bring colour to your yard but also protect your ottomans. Waterproof, UV, stain and mould resistant covers are available at the click of a button. 

And finally, they are kid-friendly. Turn the empty corner of your yard into an outdoor playroom. Kids can use outdoor ottomans as tables, just make sure you get one that has a cover in a darker tone and that can be cleaned with a hose.


Whether we’re talking about lounge chairs, bean bags or air loungers, they are a perfect addition to your outdoor area. As if an indoor and outdoor living room weren’t enough, you can take them with you and create a lounge area anywhere you go. Just unbox or inflate them in a matter of minutes and bring your living room with you anywhere you go.

Not only do they come in a variety of shapes and colours but they also come with a waterproof cover that can even be left outside as it is UV, stain and mould resistant. Don’t make a habit out of though. Providing additional protection can make them last even longer.  

Lounges are a favourite among the young and the old, providing everyone with the chance to doze off in the sun or even in the pool and float away into an outdoor dreamland. Add matching outdoor ottomans to your lounges to achieve the perfect combination of style and comfort.


Oscar Wilde once said: “It is the essence of genius to make use of the simplest ideas.” Originally from the bark from the hamack tree in Central and South America, this ingenious invention was brought from the Bahamas to Europe by Christopher Columbus. Not only did it have a protective role, but it was also highly appreciated due to its space-saving capacities, flexibility and easy mounting and demounting. Soon, it became an indispensable part of the lives of sailors. Now, hammocks are adored by all outdoor enthusiasts, taking them from forests and beaches to their backyards. 

This simple sling, made from textile or netting attached to ropes with both ends to trees, can serve as a personal nest for relaxation and even sleeping. It’s no wonder it took the world by storm. The plethora of designs and materials have one thing in common: simple comfort.    

Fire Pits 

Have you ever wondered why are humans fascinated with fire? It’s been an indispensable part of human evolution and history. Not only was fire essential for survival, but it has also been hypothesized that the multiple sensory stimulations (sight, smell, warmth) have enabled our ancestors to maintain focus. Consequently, this sensory stimulation can lower our blood pressure, explaining why watching a fire causes a soothing and calming sensation. 

Moreover, people have gathered around fires which strengthened our social bonds. 21st-century humans still have the same tendency despite our technological progress. Fire pits can be the perfect place for your next family reunion.

You might be wondering what can I do with a fire pit or if it’s a smart decision to invest in one. The beauty of fire pits is their multipurposeness and design.  In addition to the warmth on those chilly autumn nights, you can use it to make a barbecue, roast some marshmallows or use it as a plant bowl or ice bucket for your next outdoor party. Combined with a fire table made of heavy-duty concrete material, you’ll get an all-weather perfect outdoor dining table ideal for backyards, patios, pool decks and terraces. 

Furthermore, there are many options available that use environmentally friendly ethanol providing an efficient burn for up to 11 hours. This renewable energy source burns clean, giving you the feel of a real fire without burning real wood meaning no more ash for you to clean up. 


You spent all this time, money and energy to turn your outdoor area into a safe haven that brings you closer to nature. The aesthetically pleasing furniture is now being shadowed by your and your family’s clothes hanging everywhere. Luckily, there are clothesline options that are stylish, space-saving and most importantly, discrete and foldable. Believe it or not, there are clothes lines to buy online that look more like part of the décor instead of a utility for house chores.  

Couple or family size, there are wall mounted clothes lines that can even be mounted on a brick wall or fence and make your small outdoor area airier. Get ground mounted clothes lines when mounting on a wall is not an option.