Packing a Dive Bag Like a Pro


If this is your first time traveling with your own diving equipment, you’re probably worried whether you’ll be able to safely transport it to your next destination. But although it can be quite bulky, storing your diving equipment in the right dive bags will ensure you a peace of mind as you will know you’ve done all that’s in your power to protect it. In this article, you will find helpful information on what we suggest you to bring with you on your diving holiday and what you can leave at home.

First Things First

To safely transport your diving equipment, it is of huge importance that you invest in a high-quality dive bag. These bags are durable and designed to keep all parts well-protected from the elements and all kinds of impacts. Dive equipment can be bulky and sometimes heavy, especially when wet. Providing a sturdy container that helps carry your equipment much easier, dive bags are the right and safest option. They come in a range of sizes and styles, therefore, their prices vary accordingly.

Traveling With Dive Equipment

Unless you are going on a dive trip to a deserted island, you should leave your dive tank and weight home – they are way too heavy to carry them with you. Pack your wetsuit, regulator, BCD, mask, fins, snorkel and all the other things you need. Your mask and snorkel are the two things you shouldn’t leave without as they are very personal and are pretty lightweight, which means they won’t be a burden. The BCD and regulator are lifesavers, so make sure to have them with you too. These two pieces of equipment are costly to rent, so if by any chance you do not have them with you, be prepared to pay the price.

When it comes to fins, there are pros and cons of renting them. For instance, a pair of fins that does not fit right can be very annoying, but if you use open heel fins, then you probably won’t have problem renting them. And before you pack on your own wetsuit, check the average water temperature of the area you are visiting. It won’t be necessary to bring an 8mm wetsuit to swim on a 29° C, or a shorty for 18° C water. Having your own wetsuit is always the preferred option as it will fit you tightly and will provide a comfortable dive. Your computer is something you should also bring with you no matter what as it is quite expensive to rent it.