Pallet Rack Protection: Is It Worth It?

The productivity and profitability of your warehouse depends on pallet racking system to a large extent. Therefore, it is important to implement proper protection to ensure optimal performance and long service life of your pallet racks.

In warehouses, accidents involving lift trucks and other vehicles hitting into pallet racks are very common, so your pallet racking must be properly protected. There are a lot of pallet rack protection accessories that can help you protect your investment. These pallet rack protection accessories can help improve your pallet racking systems by:

  • Increasing their value and reducing repair costs in a long run;
  • Increasing the overall safety in your warehouse (preventing dangerous damage and employees injuries);
  • Increasing the longevity of your pallet rack systems.



Any kind of structural damage to your pallet racks will probably be costly. All the damaged components require an immediate replacement, which means downtime and decrease in productivity for you. To prevent these costly replacements or repairs, you only need to make a small investment into a proper pallet rack protection.

The affordable safety pins are a key part of any type of pallet rack protection. These little devices are especially designed to secure the beams of your pallet racking system to the frame. The safety pins can be made from steel, plastic or other material, but they are all efficient in preventing beams from bending or dislodging during normal loading/unloading tasks. If the beams dislodge or bend, your pallet racking may fall and injure the employees.

Column guards are installed on the upright columns to prevent damages. A collision can cause substantial damage to your racking system, which may destabilize it and make it unsafe to use. But by installing column guards, you can be sure that your pallet racking system is stable and safe for use. Anchored to the floor, these metal-made column guards are able to absorb the impact of collisions. If the column guards get damaged, replace them with new ones. This is much more affordable than replacing a damaged upright of a pallet racking system.

A proper pallet rack protection also includes push through protectors. These features can be used in either single or double entry pallet racking systems in order to ensure some space between the racking pallets. The push through protectors are very cheap and are definitely worth the investment.

If you implement proper pallet rack protection accessories, you will ensure superior safety and will save money by preventing accidents or damages. Simply put, having good pallet rack protection is really worth your money.