The Perks of Implementing IT Services in Clinics

In recent times, hackers are becoming more and more notorious and they’re starting to target practically anything they can get their hands on, including medical offices and doctors, in order to steal their private information. To best prevent this, the clinic you work in or own, should set up optimum protection on time to safely secure all of yours and your patient’s personal information.

The Australian Privacy Act enforces clinics to protect their patient’s information to the best of their abilities. Now in order to avoid liability issues, all medical offices and doctors must be in compliance with that act. This is due to the fact that more and more advancements are made in technology, and the fact that most of the patient’s data is stored digitally. What this means is that is you own a clinic you should comply with the Privacy act to avoid major fines and potential legal ramifications associated with breach or loss of patient’s medical information.


You can either attempt to take care of this by yourself and take all the necessary measures on your own, or you can outsource IT support , so you can keep doing what you’re supposed to do – help people with their health problems. There are many healthcare IT services available and most of them offer thorough IT support and will help you deal with all of your IT related problems and secure your data.

Believe it or not, healthcare IT services will do more for you than install firewalls and anti-malware software. They’ll also physically secure your office. Your clinic should be well protected and the access to your workstations and electronic media should be also limited.

Additionally, you have to ensure all your devices and workstations are access-controlled electronically, as well. This includes encrypting user ID, password protection, automatic log-off and other electronic safeguards like regular security audit reports and tracking logs of both software and hardware activity. These measures are here for forensic purposes, so that you can find the source or cause of violations made to your security protocols.

And last but not least – comprehensive backup solutions. Data backup will be done both on and off site to ensure all the precious medical and personal data is never lost in a worst-case scenario. The importance of having your data frequently backed-up is something that cannot be stressed enough.

The availability of outsourced IT support is 24/7 all year round, and it makes you not worry about anything IT related, allowing you to keep a good work flow in the clinic without having to reschedule or close down for brief periods of time in order to fix the solutions yourself.