Permanent Eyebrow: Procedure, Cost & Benefits

Your eyes are the mirror to your soul and personality and your eyebrows are the frame of your eyes. Hence the importance of beautiful, full and lush brows for perfectly framed eyes and face. However, not every woman is lucky enough to have eyebrows that look perfect without any makeup correction (good for you Cara Delevingne, you are amazing). Thin and very sparse eyebrows is what many women struggle with.

Do you too have thin or sparse eyebrows? Are you tired of having to fill and correct the brows every morning? Are you looking for a reliable solution to your boring eyebrow-makeup routine? If so, why not look for a permanent makeup Melbourne beauty salons where you can get your brows tattooed to perfection.

Read on to get to know the basics of this beauty procedure including the cost and the benefits.


Permanent Makeup Procedure

Permanent eyebrow makeup is basically a cosmetic tattooing procedure, performed by qualified makeup technicians. The procedure also known as “micropigmentation”, is a process of injecting colour pigments into the upper skin layer. It is a procedure performed with the use of special devices such as: digital rotary machine, tattoo coiling machine and additional hand-held devices.

The first thing you need to do is to find highly-reputable beauty salon with years of experience in permanent makeup. Before you head to the nearest permanent makeup Melbourne salon, know the exact shape and colour of the eyebrows you want. If you are not sure what shape and colour would best suit your face, consult with the professional makeup technician.

The beauty technician will perform the procedure according to the previously determined look of your eyebrows. What is left after that are several visits to the salon during the healing process which usually lasts from three to four weeks. This is a period of evaluating the results and making corrections if there is a need for that.

The Cost of Permanent Makeup

The average cost of eyebrow tattooing in most permanent makeup Melbourne beauty salons ranges between $400 and $500. The price mostly depends on your requirements.


The most important benefits that you’ll gain from eyebrow tattoo include:

  • You will no longer have to spend your time on filling and correcting your eyebrows every day;
  • You will enjoy the excellent look of perfectly shaped and accentuated eyebrows;
  • You will reduce the cost of some of the makeup products, such as: brow pencils, powders, dyes and tints.