How to Pick a Shed that Can Enhance the Functionality & Looks of Your Property

If you’re in need of extra storage space for items that can’t fit inside your home or are looking for protection for your tools and garden equipment – a shed can be the right solution. However, you can’t pick just any shed. After all, a garden shed is not only a big investment, but it will also influence your home’s curb appeal for quite some time. With that being said, here are some of the most important things to consider when looking for a new shed to enhance the functionality of your property.

Choose the Right Size

6x3 sheds

When choosing a garden shed, you need to make sure that it can provide enough space for the items you want to store. Are you going to be using it as a storage unit for your tools or for a motorbike? Or perhaps you’re looking for a shed you can transform into a private workshop? Once you have an idea of what the shed’s purpose is, you can know how to select the appropriate size. For instance, a smaller 2×1 shed can offer enough space for some basic things such as a garden hose and a lawnmower. On the other hand, there are also much larger 6×3 sheds that can fit a variety of items and even entire vehicles, functioning as a garage if your house lacks one. However, keep in mind that 6×3 sheds can take up a significant amount of space on your property, so make sure you measure the size of the lot before buying.

Check How Weatherproof It Is

6x3 sheds

Since it’s going to be exposed to rain, UV rays, winds, hail and snow, it’s important to invest in a durable, weatherproof shed. After all, you don’t want your belongings to get destroyed by the elements. With that being said, try to narrow your choice to sheds that are made of weatherproof materials such as steel, zincalume or colorbond. These types of material are strong, rust-resistant and durable. On the other hand, although wooden sheds may sometimes be a more attractive choice, they can be infested by termites or damaged by high humidity.

Think How It Will Blend Into the Surroundings

6x3 sheds

And finally, consider how the shed will fit into the landscape. Make sure you choose a shed with a design that complements your home’s exterior if you don’t want for it to stick out like a sore thumb. For that reason, colorbond sheds are an excellent choice as they come in a variety of colours that can match most exteriors. Additionally, you can also plant some shrubs and trees around the shed that can help it blend in smoothly into the yard. You can also try to install trellises against the walls of the shed and grow decorative vines.