Picking The Right Running Shoes For Men

There is nothing better than waking up with a run. Even a double shot of espresso will not get your blood pumping like an early morning jog. From body shaping to helping you start the day in a good mood, running is one of the most popular type of exercise for people of all fitness levels.

But how do you choose the right running shoes for men and women? The truth is, there is no such thing as the best running shoe; there isn’t a “one size fits all” as everyone’s feet is different. The secret to finding the best running shoes right for you, lies within your footprint or the arches of your foot. This is basically foot motion, also known as pronation (neutral, mild and severe).


Pronation is the way your lower legs absorb shock. The level of pronation is determined by the way your foot moves when you hit the outside edge of your heel and then roll to the inside edge of your foot and off your big toe. The level of pronation (you can be a neutral runner, a mild to moderate overpronator or severe overpronator) determines the type of running shoes you need.

If you are a neutral runner (your footprint leaves a very thin gap between your full foot and the heal on the outside of your foot), opt for cushioned shoes. Because of the extra cushioning provided, the benefits are fewer injuries and faster speed. If you are a mild overpronator, as most people’s footprint is (leaving around half of the footprint on the outside of the foot), you need to get support running shoes. In case you belong to the 10% of people who are severe overpronator (a flat foot arch and a full foot print), then you need the running shoes that come with the additional support features and a wider sole for extra stability.

You can find out your level of pronation or how much your foot is arched by examining your footprint. This is easily done with two simple tools – a piece of paper and some water. Wet your foot, place it firmly on the paper and you’ve got your footprint. Understanding pronation is the key to finding the right running shoes for men or women.


For a great variety of running shoes for men and women and down-to-earth prices, search the online market. Just make sure you choose a reliable online store so you can get the best deal for your money. What’s more, you can always find weekly or monthly promotions, so you can easily buy one and get one free.

Another thing to keep in mind, regardless of the price and brand, with regular use, running shoes will wear out eventually and be less protective and supportive. It is best to change your running shoes between 700 and 900 kilometers or earlier, if the shoes feel too soft and are no longer as supportive.