A Guide to Pool Toys: Keep Both Kids and Adults Entertained This Summer

Floats and Rafts in a swimming pool
source: poolfunforeveryone.com

With summer just around the corner, there’s no better time to whip out all our summer gear and get ready for some fun in the sun. Indeed, this time of year brings with it the chance to get out and enjoy our outdoor spaces and have a good ol’ backyard adventure for the whole family.

If you’re the proud owner of a swimming pool, then you’ve got all the right ingredients for a fantastic time. While you’re enjoying much-deserved poolside relaxation and sunbathing, you can treat your little ones to some classic pool toys for kids to keep them entertained.

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What Are the Most Fun Pool Toys?

Over the years, these entertainment essentials have become an integral part of our summer holidays. The sheer diversity of all the products on offer makes it hard to choose, but generally speaking, the most popular options include:

Inflatable Slides

Two girls sliding down an Inflatable Water Slide
source: wraua.com

These top-rated water pool toys for kids add a whole new dimension to your pool experience. Whether they’re taking the plunge from a colourful slide or tackling a challenging obstacle course, your kids are sure to love it.

Most of them come with heavy-duty construction and regulated safety standards, so you can rest assured that even the most daring of adventurers will be safe. The reinforced base and the no-slip steps create a stable foundation, so your kids can slide over and over again.

Dive Toys

One girl playing with dive toys in a swimming pool
source: sunsationalswimschool.com

Playing around with submersible toys, such as dive rings and pool sticks, is quite the thrill. These kinds of toys are made of durable material and are designed to sink to the bottom of the pool. You can then challenge your kids to a game of underwater treasure hunt and see who can collect the most toys.

Their surface usually consists of soft neoprene material, meaning that you can throw, catch and tug with them without any worries. They can also provide some extra support to newly-minted swimmers who are still getting the hang of it.

Bounce Balls

Two girls playing with a bounce ball in a swimming pool
source: thepoolstoreofrome.com

For the greatest splash of all, you can bring some bouncy balls into the mix. These lightweight, colourful toys float and bob along the surface of the water while your kids chase after them. They come in different sizes and most of them feature a non-toxic coating, which makes them safe to use.

Their versatile nature allows you to use them in all kinds of games, from the classic catch-me-if-you-can to a more structured passing game. Each game can be tailored to your child’s age and swimming ability to ensure that everyone gets the most out of it.

Floats and Rafts

Kids with a swimmingpool float
source: themoney.co

These classify as somewhat more leisurely pool toys for kids with the main idea being to provide a comfortable resting spot. Their buoyant material ensures that they stay afloat while your little ones enjoy the sun and relax.

They’re generally made with scratch-resistant vinyl to guarantee durability and permanence. Some designs come with extra features, such as cup holders or armrests for an enhanced lounging experience.

You can even go with floating trampolines, with their large size and reinforced springs allowing your kids to jump into the water in a fun and safe way. These are especially great for older children who want to add some additional excitement to their swimming session.

Swimming Pool Games

Kid playing pool games
source: walmart.com

Ever wanted to play basketball in the pool? How about trying your hand at aqua hockey with a pool puck? All of those scenarios are possible with pool-specific game sets. They’re built to withstand being submerged and passed around in the water, while still maintaining their shape and size.

There’s even a specialised version of the noughts and crosses game, using floating x-shaped and o-shaped rings. You can set up a grid on the pool and challenge your kids to a match. The possibilities are endless – all you need is some creativity and an adventurous spirit.

How to Take Care of Your Pool Toys

Water ball inside a pool
source: pinterest.com

Regardless of which pool toy you choose, regular maintenance is crucial to ensure that they remain in good condition. To start, make sure to rinse and dry your pool toys after each use. This will help to remove any bacteria or dirt that may have been stuck in them, and it’ll also prevent mould from forming.

Be sure to inspect them before and after each use for any signs of wear. This includes checking for tears, discolouration, or other irregularities. If you notice any of these signs, it’s best to replace the toy as soon as possible. Trying to patch it up may be risky and could lead to further damage, as well as a potential safety risk.

Finally, store them in a safe, dry area when they’re not in use. Keep them away from direct sunlight, as this can cause fading and other damage. For inflatables, store them deflated and folded up to save space. If there’s a manual valve, make sure to turn it off.