Popular Hair Loss Solutions For Men

hair loss solutions for men

If you are one of those who suffer from hair loss problem, you do not have to sit back and helplessly watch how your hair falls out. There are many hair loss solutions for men that will stop your hair from failing down. Losing your hair can affect your appearance and self-esteem, but there are ways to reverse or to prevent any further damage. There are various reasons that cause hair loss, but the most common are genetics, stress, age, trauma, certain disease, medication or drug consumption.

The most common hair loss problem is the genetically-triggered male pattern hair loss, medically known as “androgenetic alopecia”. Gens affect when a men begins to lose hair, causing the hair to lose its shape, rate, pattern etc. Luckily, the modern medicine has developed Hair Loss solutions for men. One hair loss treatment that is considered to be highly effective is the scalp micro pigmentation.

Scalp micro pigmentation is a permanent cosmetic tattoo treatment that gives the patients appearance of a head full with short and tiny hair strands. The head is tattooed with tiny dots that replicate the hair follicles. However, this procedure isn’t performed in a regular tattoo salon, and there are huge differences from the traditional tattooing. While both terms refer to the same thing, the difference is that this procedure is performed by hair loss professionals who have tattooing skills. Beside expertise, the hair loss professionals also need to have the right equipment and the ability to create an illusion of a head full of short hair.

The needles which are used for the scalp micro pigmentation procedure are specifically designed for this treatment, triple clustered and penetrate into the scalp differently than a regular needle which is used for traditional tattooing. Therefore, it is very important to find a clinic that has the experience and the knowledge to perform hair loss solutions for men. This revolutionary treatment has been successfully used by a large number of men who want to camouflage the bald spots with tiny hair strands. This method offers a solution that is painless and doesn’t require consumption of medications, drugs, applying lotions, concealers, hair systems, or a hair transplant surgery. When selecting the right solution for your hair loss problem, only you can make a decision which is the right option for you. Before you make your final decision, talk to someone who has previously tried some hair loss solutions for men, consider how the solution may affect your lifestyle, and of course determine the cost.