Pots And Planters To Define An Outdoor Living Style

When it comes to choosing the right plants for your garden, most of us know what we want, but what about the pots you plant them in? They can create just as much of an impact as any plants. So it is important to choose the right pots for your home. You should consider a few different factors when thinking about what pots to purchase which include the style of your home, the weather and what you want to plant. And of course, the watering system.


Regardless how passionate you are about plants, sticking to a watering plan can be a bit a lot. To never have to worry about forgetting to water your plants is surely an option to consider, don’t you think? Hence, modern pots and planters that feature self-watering system is perfect for ensuring your fruits, vegetables, herbs and plants thrive so you can deal successfully with the busy lifestyle you lead. Great, isn’t it?

These planters come in different designs and are perfect for indoor and outdoor (patios, backyards, balconies). They are built of hard-wearing UV and corrosion resistant material; feature fill point for filling water which is connected to the built-in reservoir and a level indicator which signals when the water reservoir is low. The reservoir can usually hold about 13 liters of water and there is no concern with overflow.


These and other modern pots and planters come in different material. Below we’ll go over a few different types so you can make an informed decision as to what you need.


This is a hard wearing, long lasting material which comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Stone can be a centerpiece in your yard or it can easily blend into the background as it looks natural. They can fit almost any setting, but a traditional one is probably best.


Concrete holders come in all different styles, shapes and finishes. They can look contemporary, country, rustic, and much more. They are durable, sturdy, and don’t get damaged easily so you will not have to replace them for years.


Just like concrete and stone, this material is also very durable and can stand up to most weather conditions. Metal pots and planters can give your home a very sleek, modern feeling. Using a ribbed steel can also give a creative and edgy look.


Wood pots and planters might not be that common, but they look really great. They give your home a casual feeling that looks rustic and laid back. Of course like any outdoor wood you should think about getting it treated so it can stand up against the weather.


Fiberglass is very versatile so it can easily be molded in many different shapes and forms. Most of the time fiberglass is used to take on the form or shape of another material like ceramic, or clay, but fiberglass is much more durable and can last all year round.


Plastic pots are also used to mimic other materials and designs such as terracotta or wood. Most people wouldn’t even think it was plastic until they touch it themselves. Plastic itself is actually quite durable, it is flexible enough that it can expand and retract to different weather and still keep its shape.


Glazed ceramic looks really great as they come in all sorts of shapes and colours so you can match them to your yard. Ceramic modern pots and planters are fragile however and can crack easily so be careful when handling them. They are also sensitive to the cold so you will need to bring them inside when the colder months come around.

Cast Iron

You may have seen a lot of these in Victorian style houses. While they come in a variety of shapes the most popular is probably the classic urn which look great if the house matches. They are durable and can last in every weather so you won’t need to bring them inside. If you are looking for something portable then this isn’t your best choice as they are heavy.


Terracotta pots are definitely considered a classic pot. They come in so many shapes and sizes as well as having a colour that works well in so many different spaces. They look natural in almost any setting but they are sensitive to cold temperatures and can crack, so bring them inside when it starts to get cold.

Hopefully this guide can help you with deciding on what pots will work best for your yard. If you are one of those people who are terrible at up-keeping your yard and continuously forgetting to water your plants, then you should definitely go with self watering pots and planters. This will make keeping your plants alive a whole lot easier.