Potty Training: Must-Have Products & Tips to Do the Job Right

When Should You Toilet Train Your Child?

There are certain signs that can show when your child is ready for toilet training. Some of them are having dry nappies for up to two hours and pulling their pants up and down. And although experts say that 18 months is the right time to start potty training, the truth is that some children can show signs earlier than this while others a lot later. No matter the age, the secret of having a fast and successful potty training is not rushing things. Your approach is of vital importance, so try being calm even when your child makes a mess – after all, this is new to them.

Toilet Train for Your Child

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Do You Need Different Gear for Boys and Girls?

While there is a difference between boys and girls when it comes to using a toilet seat, with potty training, the concept is the same. In other words, potty training is all about learning to control the bladder and bowels and for this, you won’t need different equipment. However, if you have trained your boy to pee seating, there are some additional tips to help him pee standing up.

What Are the Best Potty Training Products?

Toilet Training Set

Since quality and convenience is all you need during this time, choosing a quality and comfortable toilet training set is the key to having a successful mission. And since consistency is key, such a potty training set is great for your little one to better understand and accept this new way of peeing and pooping. Having the ability to choose their favourite cartoon character, you can easily find the right set of a toilet seat, step stool and potty chair. The new designs of potty chairs can come in the form of a suitcase, with a little lid, making it easy to carry with you when needed. Thanks to their amazing look and portability, you will manage to stay consistent and true to your goal, which you can achieve in no time.

Besides this set (that you can always buy separately), you can also choose another type of training set that can help your child feel more confident and safe. These potty sets consist of toilet training supplies like an illustrated book with characters that acts kind of encouraging. A rewarding chart, stickers and fun pens are some of the things that you can also find in these sets, helping your child to have fun, consistent and stress-free program for potty training.

Toilet Training Set for Kids

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Potty Chair

Whether bought separately or in a set, potty chairs are one of the oldest potty training supplies. They can come in different shapes, colours, sizes and prints, giving you the opportunity to choose the best option for your child. Quite similar to toilet seats, potty chairs mimic the real ones and allow them to be moved anywhere you want. Extremely appealing, potty chairs are really fun for kids, but not the best for parents, since they require to be cleaned after each use. Additionally, they can be a little bulky and can take up a lot of floor space.

Toilet Seats

Also known as a seat reducer, a toilet seat is designed to be placed over the regular toilet seat without having to use a potty chair. Usually featuring side handles, these seats are a way better option than potty chairs. Your child can hold it with their hand without touching the actual toilet seat. On the other hand, there will be no need for cleaning urine or feces because everything will go directly down your toilet.

Step Stool

Step stools are a great addition to your bathroom since they can double the purpose as can be used for reaching the toilet seat and for handwashing. They can come in different sizes, shapes, colours, prints and materials, which can certainly make your choice easier. An important thing to have in mind is choosing one that has rubber or silicone pads as this will make it non-slippery and safer.

Step Stool for potty training kids

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Tips for Training Your Kid Faster

Now that you have bought the right potty training products, it is time to prepare mentally and start the process. In order to have a successful outcome, there are some tricks and tips that you might find useful.

Choose Your Words Wisely

Just like with everything else, your words have the power to break or make the entire process. And given the fact that this is an age when they have just started understanding the meaning of words, make sure to use simple and gentle words. Set the stress and nervousness aside and make this time as much fun and comfortable as possible for both of you.

Potty Training

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Create a Schedule

Have your child sit on the toilet seat/potty chair first thing in the morning, right after naps and before bed. Experienced moms say that instead of asking your child every now and then do they want to pee, you should have them sit on the toilet seat/potty chair for a few minutes at two-hour intervals. During this period of time, you can stay with your child, sing songs or read a book together. Even if they haven’t done anything during this time, make sure to praise them for even trying.

Of course, there are many other tips and tricks that could help you on this journey, but one thing is certain, nothing can help you avoid a potential mess. Be prepared for this and have in mind that this will be only temporary and that your little one will eventually learn to do this right.