The Power of Essential Oils: Alternative Medicine To The Rescue

Essential oils have been making a boom left, right, and centre for a couple of years now. Still, they’re hardly a novelty item. Being around for at least 3500 years now, they are known to have been used in places such as Ancient Egypt, in cosmetics and ointments, to add a bit of a natural punch, an amazing aroma, and bring medicinal value to products.

However, a lot has happened in the time between Ancient Egypt and today, and lucky for us, things have been moving forward in all fields, essential oils included. Nowadays, we can buy high-quality essential oils, which are basically natural, organic, plant-based concentrates that are designed to alleviate symptoms, help us relax, aid with skin inflammations, fungal issues, and so much more.



Essential oils are far more than just a nice smelling compound you put in your bath or a diffuser. They’re a type of alternative medicine that’s been derived from nature, and when combined with other methods, they can really help in improving one’s physical and mental health.

Here are just a few of the benefits essential oils can provide.

Alleviate Symptoms

Whether you’re looking to buy essential oils for sinus drainage, ones that can help with common cold symptoms or an oil that will help you get over a bad case of the flu, you can rest assured you’re making the right choice when opting for essential oils.

Since they’re organic, you can be absolutely sure there are no other unwanted additions in your essential oil and that all you’re getting is pure, pressed nature in a little bottle you can use however you choose. Since the world of essential oils is so vast you can take your pick between different blends and combinations to make sure you’re getting exactly what you’re trying to achieve.



What I’d like to stress when it comes to essential oils is that the people who manufacture them take them very seriously and treat them just like medicine you can buy from the pharmacy. They’re attentive, do their research, blend carefully, and produce high-performance oils. For example, if you’re having sinus issues, whether chronic or acute, you can reach for a blend made specifically out of essential oils for sinus drainage. You can add a bit of the mixture into your warm bath water for inhalations or pop it into a diffuser to enrich the air itself with alleviating properties.

Boost Immune System

Yes, alleviating symptoms is amazing, but what’s more amazing is never actually getting in a position to have to alleviate any symptoms at all! Essential oils can give you this golden ticket by helping you boost your immune system and aid it in fighting off any potential threats to your health. When used alongside a proper diet, enough of the necessary vitamins and minerals, and a healthy amount of water ingested every day, they can really do wonders! Derived from nature herself, they work best when paired with other natural elements.

To boost your immune system, you have a couple of options. As I said, essential oils are treated as remedies, and because of that, very specific blends exist. A blend that is clearly labelled to help with immunity is your first and best choice. It can usually be found as a premade blend of a couple of essential oils or sold as a bundle of separate oils you can use combined or individually.



One example of essential oil that is amazing at improving and supporting your immune system is a blend of lemon, clove, rosemary, cinnamon, and eucalyptus oils. Each of these ingredients carries its own benefits into the mix, making it a powerful aid and a natural path toward better health.

This mixture has antibacterial properties and helps fight inflammations. It’s highly antiseptic and helps in preventing the spread of germs. This sets the stage for an improvement in your immune system, creating an environment in which your body can relax and focus on improvement. At the same time, it works together with your system to help it reach those improvements and prevent you from needing any essential oils for colds or the flu!

Rest & Relax

We already know that having our mental health in order can really aid with keeping our physical health in check, and vice versa, so it’s only logical to add this to the list of essential uses!

By using essential oils for relaxation you’re basically getting a two-in-one kind of deal. Aside from the great smell and improved rest, you’re getting the antibacterial, soothing, antiinflammatory, or any other accompanying purpose the oil carries with it, as no essential oil really does just one thing! Perfect for adding in bathwater after a long day at work or for diffusing before getting into bed at night, essential oils can enrich your nighttime ritual and help you sleep better and ease the tension when needed.



You can also carry your favourite essential oil with you and have a sniff or two whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed to calm the nerves and centre yourself. What’s even greater is the fact that portable diffusers exist too so you can pair a travel-sized bottle with a mini diffuser and turn your office from stress central into a safe, relaxing haven where you get things done more efficiently and without stress! Plus, your office is gonna smell great, and who can really resist that?!

To Conclude

From essential oils for colds and essential oils for congestion to aromatherapy oils and ones that boost your immune system, I can assure you, no matter what you use them for, you won’t be disappointed!

There is a bit of a stigma around essential oils, but breaking it and actually using all the goodies they can give you is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your health!

Always look for manufacturers and suppliers who produce and carry 100% natural essential oils as these are the only ones that can give you the benefits we spoke of. Read labels carefully and follow the instructions to the T. As I said, they are medicinal before anything else and just like with any other medicine you need to be careful!