Prana On Vegan Protein Supplements Guide: Support Peak Performance, Lean Muscle Growth, and Optimum Recovery

If you are interested in fitness, you probably know that in order to build muscle you need to practice resistance training such as lifting weights and consume enough protein in your diet. According to a study published in Sports Medicine, athletes who exclusively consumed proteins from plant-based products were able to successfully gain muscle mass just as those who were on a high protein diet that consisted of all kinds of protein mostly derived from animal nature.

However, purely plant-based athletes sometimes may benefit from some dietary plant-based supplementation in order to get the amount of protein their body needs for reaching certain fitness goals, and optimal health. Are you also interested in adding protein supplements to your diet to support lean muscle growth, experience faster workout recovery, and have more endurance?

Before implementing any kind of change you need to first learn how sports supplements work for athletes, especially for those who lead a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. You may have questions such as: “Can I build muscle with plant-based protein powder?” or, “Do vegan athletes really need protein supplements?”. Taking supplementation is a personal choice as many decide to gain muscle weight without including any form of additional protein intake.

That is mostly related to the fact that people are becoming more health-conscious and want to make sure that the products they consume aren’t in any way harmful to their bodies. In this blog post I’m going to review some of the products of one particular brand on the market that has proven to be very effective in satisfying the health and fitness goals of many fitness enthusiasts around the world.

What is Prana On?

Prana on power protein

As many people become interested in fitness and learning better dietary habits, many brands arise on the market with unique products specially designed to meet their specific needs. As a well-known Australian company that specialises in plant-based products, their Prana On natural protein supplements are an amazing option since they’re formulated to fuel the process of muscle repair and physical fitness to the highest potential. Most of these products contain the highest quality of organic and natural ingredients which are perfect for lean muscle gain, good as a meal replacement or consumed as a post-workout shake.

Bets Prana On Supplements

Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine Monohydrate is a dietary supplement that helps you gain weight and increase your exercise performance by helping your body produce more ATP to fuel your muscles during explosive movements or when you’re hitting the weights hard. Studies have shown that by taking this product athletes can benefit a lot by helping their bodies recover faster, especially during strength training such as weightlifting.

This Prana On Creatine Monohydrate supplement is vegan friendly and made using the highest, premium quality Creapure powder. The recommended dose is 5g of Creatine Monohydrate 1-2 times a day. It can be taken immediately before or after finishing your workouts. Alternatively, it may also be mixed with certain beverages of your choice and consumed immediately after mixing.

While many people are concerned that consuming creatine for an extended period can put too much load on their kidneys and the liver, you don’t need to worry because if dosed correctly, creatine will not harm your health in any way but will aid your fitness performance greatly.

New Power Plant Vegan Protein by Prana On

Power Plant Vegan Protein by Prana On

Another great product designed for plant-based athletes is the New Power Plant Vegan Protein by Prana On. This product contains a triple protein mix featuring pea, rice, and faba bean protein blended with an essential branched-chain amino acid profile, gut-improving probiotics, and MCTs. This product is gluten-free, vegan-friendly, and contains no added sugar, dairy, or other unnecessary ingredients.

It helps boost your performance and improve your cognitive function due to the enhanced blend of ingredients it’s made up of, including reishi mushrooms, essential BCAA’s, and coconut MCT’s. The Power Plant protein also features LactoSpore probiotics with over 100 million CFU supporting digestive functions which are known to help enhance protein absorption and improve other digestive processes in the body.

Natural Mass Vegan Protein by Prana On

Natural Mass Vegan Protein by Pranaon is a high-quality vegan protein supplement designed for those looking for lean muscle gain and fast post-workout recovery. This product contains a blend of high-quality vegan fats from flax seed that delivers Omega 3 and alpha-linoleic acid which help with joint and muscle repair. This product also helps to increase blood sugar sensitivity which is crucial for getting full uptake of protein and glycogen into the muscle cells.

Each serving of Natural Mass contains 1.5 grams of Creatine Monohydrate that will help with muscular endurance, strength gain, and full muscle recovery after training and during the day. There’s a lot to love about this product, its clean ingredients, the texture, and the fact that it’s vegan friendly. The vegan sourced protein and the added digestive enzymes also make Natural Mass ideal for anybody with a sensitive stomach or for those who experience digestive issues related to lactose or milk-derived proteins.

Phyto Fire

Phyto Fire Protein two packages

The brand’s Phyto Fire Protein is a powerful vegan fat-burning thermogenic and metabolic-boosting protein supplement. This product is ideal for those wanting to achieve weight loss, speed up their metabolism, support lean muscle growth, reduce appetite, and increase fat loss.

The Phyto Fire Protein supplement contains key fat-burning ingredients and essential amino acids required to speed up the fat loss process, reduce food cravings, and provide a sustainable energy boost. It is crafted with coconut MCT’s and digestive enzymes for optimal absorption and assimilation and is often recommended for people following a low carb keto-friendly lifestyle.