Preventing Hair Loss


Even with current cutting-edge technology that medicine is implementing, doctors and hair loss experts still cannot provide a universal and definite hair loss treatment. Hair loss has been and still is a battle between humans and mother nature, considering that most hair loss cases are due to genetic inheritance. Both fathers and mothers can carry a hair loss gene and it is a common misconception that hair-loss pattern can only be inherited from a paternal parent. And while there still isn’t a cure for hair loss, hair loss in women and men have been successfully prevented by the use of some methods. All have their own pros and cons and we’ll try to give some details on the few.

Oil treatments

Some skin doctors say that the best way to fight nature is to use its own weapons. That is why natural oils are considered to have an amazing curative effects when it comes to conditions like hair loss. The ideal hair loss treatment with natural oils states that you have to take any natural oil (canola, coconut, etc.) and heat it up. Once heated, apply it to the scalp using gentle circular motions, place a shower cap over, and leave it on for about an hour to allow oil to penetrate hair. Like we said, such treatments have relative effects for different people, so this is not a guarantee that it will work for you as well. However, it is worth a try.


Healthy life

Hair, nails and skin are usually the most visible indications of how healthy a person is. Therefore, there is surely some link between having a healthy lifestyle and dense hair. The general idea here is that a person must take daily dosage of necessary vitamins and minerals to prevent hair loss. Knowing that your hair is dependent on several types of vitamins, this is no surprise at all. However, like we said, most hair loss cases are linked to genetic inheritance so eating healthy may not help much but will certainly boost your overall health.


Some experts claim that the best hair loss treatment lies in relaxation and inner peace. Hence, the best technique known to create a relaxed state of mind and soul is meditation. In a world of worries and stress, several sessions of meditation during a week can help prevent hair loss in women and men as well.


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