Productive Learning: How to Create a Comfortable and Relaxing Classroom Environment

A well-designed classroom can have a very positive effect on the students. A smart interior design can help the students focus and perform better. And that doesn’t include only nicely painted walls and enough natural light. The furniture inside the classroom contributes a lot and can really make a big difference.

Foot Rollers Help Students Relax and Reduce Anxiety 

close-up of using foot rollers

Yes, foot massage in the classroom is a real thing. And you don’t have to transform the classroom into a spa centre for that. You just need to acquire a foot massage roller. The foot roller is a small and useful tool that can be used both while sitting and standing. Little kids are known to have excess energy and the roller for feet is a perfect way for them to vent and put to good use some of the said energy.  

Foot rollers are usually made of plastic and have suction cups in the back that make sure the roller stays in place. But it needs to be placed on a smooth surface. It may not be as steady if you place it on a carpet or something similar.  You can place rollers under the desk of each student or pick a corner in the classroom where you can place a couple of rollers that the students can use from time to time.

Foot rollers are not smooth rather with spikes. And the spikes are what contribute to the therapeutic effect. The foot roller with spikes is known to help students that have anxiety and trouble focusing. This roller can be used as a stress reliever and a stimulator at the same time. Why? Because it helps with the circulation and with that makes kids more productive and concentrated. It’s noticeable how kids that use the foot roller perform better at school.

Despite being helpful on a mental level, the roller is beneficial for physical well-being too. It relaxes the muscles and helps students that feel arch pain, ones that have tired feet or students with plantar fasciitis (tissue inflammation) or heel spurs (build up on the heel bone). The effect of the roller is similar to the one of deep tissue massage.

An Ergonomic Chair Can Help with Posture 

close-up of ergonomic chairs for students

Students spend a big portion of their day sitting in one spot, listening to new lessons, doing tasks and homework. Sitting on a chair that isn’t comfortable and in a bad position for such a long time, repeatedly, can have a negative effect on their health and their mood. For that reason, the logical thing to do is to get ergonomic chairs that are designed to answer the needs of students and provide them with nothing but comfort. Ergonomic chairs are not what you usually see in classrooms, and that needs to change.

What classifies a chair as ergonomic? Ergonomic chairs are designed to offer full support to the one seating and are further adjustable. Students can adjust the height of the seat, the armrests and the angle of the backrest. That way they won’t have to strain and put pressure on their backs. Regular classroom chairs are anything but comfortable and lead to poor posture problems which is something that can be resolved with ergonomic chairs.

Apart from being comfortable, ergonomic chairs offer students mobility. And this is very important especially to someone that needs to be seated for a very long time. Ergonomic chairs reduce the stress and tension to which the body is exposed while a person is in a sedentary position.

Another good thing about ergonomic chairs is that they’re durable. The premium materials from which the chairs are made ensure their longevity. So basically, ergonomic chairs are a really good investment because a) they will keep students comfortable during classes and b) they will stay in great condition for a really long time.

Include a Couple of Bean Bags to Make It More Fun 

pre school students seating on bean bags

Nothing can make the classroom cozier than bean bags. They are extremely practical and the most comfortable sitting solution there is. Kids love bean bag chairs so it’s a really good idea to incorporate them into the classroom as well. Kids can do reading while sitting on the bean bags or relax in between classes.

Now, one thing you need to pay attention to before choosing bean bags is the material from which they are made. What fabric is best for a bean bag? Faux leather is a good choice because it’s very easy to clean and maintain. But you can also go for 100% cotton. The majority of bean bags have removable covers that are machine washable. You won’t have to deal with stains on your own.

Bean bags come in diverse colours. They are exactly the thing you need to add a pop of colour to the classroom. The interior design of the classroom is as important as the comfort it provides. Also, studies have shown that certain colours have a stimulative effect on humans.

Set Up a Creative Corner in the Classroom

students painting with teacher at school

A day at school doesn’t have to consist out of lessons and homework only. You can incorporate arts and crafts too. What better way to encourage kids to be more creative and express their ideas and perceptions than by doing so with art? What you can do is make a creative corner that will be dedicated solely to artistic expression.

You can acquire all sorts of painting substrates and painting mediums and allow kids to go all-in when it comes to creating something artistic and try new techniques like acrylic paint pouring. Painting and creating art, in general, is relaxing and stress-relieving. Kids will become more aware of their emotions, their capabilities and the things they’re good at.  

At the same time painting can improve kids’ memory, learning capacity, motor skills and problem-solving skills. It’s essential to combine traditional learning methods with visual arts to achieve the best results in the end. Students will have a more positive attitude toward school if they enjoy spending time there and if among all the basic activities have ones that are genuinely interesting and a bit different.