Professional Skateboarders Wear Helmets Too: The Story of Mike Vallely

street skateboardingIn skateboarding, as in many aspects of life, no kid wants to be seen as “uncool” even though sometimes that means a broken leg and a few hours spent in the emergency room. In a sport where wearing safety gear is of utmost importance, a few pieces of life-saving gear are seen as uncool. However, not everyone agrees with that and when it comes from a professional like Mike Vallely, people are starting to reconsider what’s cool and what’s not.

I really hope that, by reading this article, I’ll change your thoughts on this important question and encourage you to look for skateboard helmets Australia wide and stop worrying about losing your “cool factor.” Thankfully, the great variety of skateboard helmets Australia retailers offer are made of high-quality materials that are especially manufactured to feel comfortable on your head. Also, you can choose from many designs and colors to complete your unique urban look.

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But since I know that you’ll need a bit more convincing, let me tell you Mike’s story. Vallely has broken over 15 bones during his 30 year-old career as a professional skateboarder, so when a few years ago he showed up with a helmet on his head at a pro street competition, everyone thought he was kidding. He was definitely the last person anybody would have expected to see wearing a helmet. But when people realized he was serious about it, they were curious to know why. How could a fearless professional skateboarder like himself agree on using a helmet! But Mike’s answer was as simple as it gets: he wears it to protect his skull. I mean, what did people expect he would say? That he is wearing it for fun?

“As a street skater I’ve always challenged myself, always questioned everything and was always encouraged to destroy barriers”, explains Vallely. “Wearing a helmet now is an evolution of those ideas.” That’s why he encourages everyone who lives and breathes skateboarding to stop worrying what people say and start worrying about their own safety.

Mike is an excellent example and the perfect urban role model whose smart move appeared at the right time and revolutionized the whole idea of skateboarding. He says that since he became a father of his two daughters, he started realizing that being fully-equipped while skateboarding is extremely important and he wants to pass this legacy on to all the skateboarders of the new generation. He’s convinced that if you teach children that wearing a helmet is an inseparable part of skateboarding from day one on the board, they will take that lesson seriously and nobody will talk about whether that’s cool or not – it’s simply how it is. So we seriously have to trust this man, after all he has won the gold medal in last year’s X-Games contest, nailing every single skateboarding trick you could imagine. And yes, he did it while with his beloved helmet on.