Pros & Cons of Loose Lay Vinyl Plank Flooring

If unique, simple, easy and durable is what you are looking for in a floor, then you are a loose lay vinyl plank flooring person. Most of the luxurious vinyl plank products use an innovative ClickLock system, eliminating the need to have to glue down the flooring. The latest loose lay vinyl plank floors are even easier and simpler to install. Besides these advantages, there are few more pros of this type of flooring (of course, there are cons as well). Let’s see what all the buzz is about.



  • Unlike older vinyl plank flooring, the new loose lay vinyl plank flooring does not require glue, staples nor any sort of ClickLock system to be installed. Each tile is made with materials that use friction to effectively grip the sub-floor beneath.
  • Loose lay vinyl plank flooring is completely stable; does not expand nor shrink, regardless of the moisture levels. You also need not to worry about appearance of a gap between the wall and the vinyl. Once installed in place, there is no moving and the flooring can last about 15 years.
  • Thick and heavy, loose lay vinyl plank flooring can be installed in any environment, however smaller spaces are more suitable for this type of flooring. To install it in a larger space, you will probably need to add a grid of adhesive tape to the sub-floor before installing the vinyl. That’s a great way to ensure the flooring will stay in place.
  • With other types of flooring, you need to use an adhesive grid. The advantage of loose lay vinyl plank flooring is that you do nothing more than laying the tiles down on the floor. So if you decide to move out from your home in future, you can take your floor with you. You really can!
  • When it comes to price, loose lay vinyl plank flooring is a pretty affordable option. Aside from affordability, it can be installed by the homeowner, which eliminates the expense of hiring a professional. Also, this flooring requires low maintenance.
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  • The biggest and the only disadvantage of loose lay vinyl plank flooring is the fact that not every manufacturers produces it, meaning the range of choices is limited. There are two popular options: stone and wood style. But there are few manufacturers that offer more colour options and textile look tiles. But if loose lay vinyl plank flooring continues to be the popular choice, we can expect a plenty of exceptional designs on the market.

Before installing your loose lay vinyl plank flooring, follow manufacturer’s recommendations and tips. Do-It-Yourselfers will find installing this stylish and modern flooring very exciting and interesting.