Protecting Your Business with a Shaft Power Monitor

Investing in an industry shaft power monitor can save you money and plenty of time. It protects your pumps and other equipment that might be valuable to you against any damage and it can easily detect process inefficiency. An early warning system can help you fix the problem before it occurs. Some of the features that come with an industry shaft power monitor include measuring the shaft power output and it also comes with a motor as a sensor. Investing in an industry shaft power monitor will reduce maintenance costs, installation costs, as well as increase both the reliability and lifespan of your equipment.


It shouldn’t even be something you should consider when it comes to protecting your pumps with an industry shaft power monitor. This is a sure fire way to insure your equipment against the system failing before you have to pay the price. This technology immediately issues a warning or stops the process completely which will minimize downtime, prevent any equipment from getting badly damaged and eliminates wear and tear. Instead of having to constantly repair or replace damaged parts and equipment, this technology will tell you ahead of time where the problem is to save you time, money and a headache. Although you might have to invest a little money at first, this machine will pay its way back over and over again. Imagine the costs of replacing expensive machinery? Or the money you will lose if production stops?

There is a specific way that motor shaft power is monitored and measured. The shaft power output is measured by taking the motor input power and subtracting the motor power loss. The shaft power output is then displayed on the monitor in KW or HP as the percentage of rated power. The linear motor load value is accurate and includes the whole load range. This gives us a more accurate and reliable result when it comes to motor load value across the whole range. This also gives you an easier and more reliable supervision technique, unlike non-linear methods. A good example of this is the current measurement that only detects load variations when the motor load is high and phase angle is only sufficient with a low load. An input power follows a more linear technique, but it ignores any motor power loss.

Some of you may be wondering how the motor is also used as a sensor. This is a unique, simple and ingenious technique for many businesses. Using the drive motor as a sensor increases a lot of different things. Some of these things can include increased reliability, cut your investments, your installation and maintenance costs will also be cut. You will find that the motor is installed usually in the electrical control panel or cabinet. This is simply so that there is a shorter installation time period and minimal wiring is required. You don’t need any protection devices such as external sensors or cabling and you will not have the need to make any extra holes in mount brackets or pipes. Any and all of your operations are continuously measured and if any abnormalities appear, the monitor will send your warning signals or shut off the motor and any equipment you have monitored immediately.

Investing in a small piece of equipment such as this one can save you a lot of things. Including your money, your time, and a giant headache. Ensuring your equipment means fewer costs on maintenance and a warning period when something has started to become faulty, making any repairs or replacements cheaper than what they would be if something were to go wrong and ruin other machinery or equipment. An industry shaft power monitor is one investment anyone who is serious about their business should be making.