Racking Systems, Useful Accessories And Service

The storage of goods and supplies on standardized pallets has become a standard for many industries. Pallet racking systems are used in many warehouses, industrial facilities, textile factories, manufacturing plants and transport businesses, to name a few. Anyone who has ever worked in one of these industries knows the importance of pallet racking systems. In a single warehouse, you can find an infinite number of these storage systems, rows and columns of pallet racks with no end in sight.


Anywhere where material needs to be stored, pallet racking systems can be of big use. Although there are many different types of pallet racking systems (pallet racking prices differing depending on application and size), they are all used for the one and only purpose – storing materials in horizontal rows and taking advantage of the available vertical space. A basic model of pallet racking system has a strong structure of framework that can hold pallets of different weights. There are some really heavy pallets, so the pallet racks must be made from quality steel and sometimes, reinforced with cast iron on each row.

Pallet racking prices can vary from supplier to supplier. Also, they can vary depending on the size, material and the brand. Remember one thing though, higher price does not mean better quality. Hence, do a thorough research before making your purchase. For great user convenience, most pallet racking systems are open on all sides. This makes them easily accessible from any side, so storing empty and loaded pallets can be as easiest as possible.

The unique ability of these systems to stack pallets on top of each other and put into a particular section of the storage racks increases the storage space in any working area. And since they can take all the available vertical space in a working area (which can be very high), forklift trucks are a must-have. Lifting and handling the pallets to such heights can be really tough with any other type of handling equipment.

Aside from all the advantages pallet racking systems offer, they can be quite versatile, as there are many accessories available for them. Accessories are available for all types of pallet racking systems, whether single deep or double deep racks, narrow aisle or wide aisle racks. Some of the most commonly used pallet racks accessories are:

  • extendable shelves
  • cable drum holders
  • corner protectors
  • end stops
  • rear panels, and
  • mesh panels.

The pallet racking prices vary greatly and they mainly depend on the size, materials used and pallets capacity. However, any type of racking system can increase the storage density of goods and supplies, increasing the profitability. Whether used for temporary storage of raw materials before processing or for storing finished goods before being purchased by customers, pallet racking systems are very efficient, safe and profitability boosters. Keep in mind that pallet racking prices differ hence it is important to find a supplier that will meet your budget.