RC Hobby: Assemble Your Own Reliable RC Tool Kit with the Basics

Starting out with the RC hobby would quickly give you the notion that there’s so much more to making the most of it than merely using your favourite vehicles for racing, driving, cruising, flying, or doing some incredible moves. Once you truly get enthusiastic about it, you want to know everything there is to know about it, including what goes into assembling the vehicles and how you can do basic check-ups, maintenance, adjustments, repairs and replacements.

For that reason, even though you may start humbly with an RTR choice instead of a kit you get to build yourself, there are some handy RC tools you should have as a backup in case there comes a time when you need to do some touch-ups. Regardless of the type of vehicle that’s your preferred choice, there are some basic tools you need to have in your kit, some of which are:

A Set of Screwdrivers

RC Tool Kit
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Whatever task you have at hand, whether it’s taking out some components or putting them back together, doing repairs or easy check-ups, the truth is you can’t do without a reliable set of screwdrivers, as screws hold all the bits and pieces together. Think of them as the basics; since there are screws with various heads, you require screwdrivers with various tips for accurate and precise work.

Hex Wrenches

As some parts of your favourite toys can be secured with hex wrenches, your basic RC tool kit should also consist of a hex wrench or two in sizes adequate for different applications to make adjustments and modifications a piece of cake.


Whenever you need to take care of some more delicate task with utmost precision, what you have to keep at arm’s reach is a pair of needle-nose pliers to make those wire cuts or zip ties adjustments properly. A tool such as this is also indispensable when it comes to bending some of the components to the desired angle or form.


When it comes to trimming or removing some excess material, then this is the job for diagonal cutters. You may think of them as unnecessary bits, but they do make up for a neat and organised result.


A hobby such as this won’t be the ideal hobby without a reliable hobby knife either. In addition to pliers and cutters, having this kind of versatile cutting tool is essential whenever you need to take care of removing mould lines, cutting a variety of materials for your kit, or even for more detailed work like adding some signature details to your vehicles.


It’s no secret this hobby requires a great deal of patience and stability to be able to assemble or fix your vehicles, no matter whether you’re working with a car, boat, or aircraft. While you’re still getting the gist of the stability part, you’d greatly benefit from using a convenient set of tweezers with different tips suitable for the most delicate of tasks – especially for the smaller scale vehicles. Whatever it is you’re working with, be it screws, shims, gears, car batteries, or pins, these are basic RC tools you know you can count on!


RC car tool kit
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When you’re going through some rough terrains, sometimes it’s natural for damages to happen and become apparent. Rest assured you can handle them with the right adhesive. What is the best glue for RC models? Well, it mainly depends on the kind of damage and repair you’re dealing with, so it’s advisable to stock up on thin, medium, and thick formulas if you can afford to. 

From epoxy to cyanoacrylate, there’s plenty to choose from for strong, quick, and precise bonding. And, while we’re at repairs, you need your own set of tapes too, particularly useful for securing components without adding to the weight. A double-sided tape, velcro tape, electrical tape are some of the basic options you should include in your tool arsenal.

Propeller Balancer

If you want to count on the best performance with your aircraft or RC boat, then this is a must-have tool you can’t afford to do without. Not only is it crucial for identifying and correcting imbalances, but it’s also fit for reducing vibrations that are mostly to blame for a vehicle’s instability.


This one is for the RC car enthusiasts who like to keep up with the electrical stuff of the vehicle and make sure they’re in order. As the ideal diagnosing tool, it can give you insight into the voltage, current, and resistance, ensuring your car’s electrical system is in optimal condition. 

Shock Pliers

When the time comes to tune the suspension system, you’d be glad you have this essential tool to back you up. As it’s great for adjusting and maintaining the shock absorbers, it’s the crucial piece of equipment to have when you want to achieve utmost performance with your beloved RC car.