Reach Truck – The Importance Of Having One


The reach truck is a lifting truck designed to lift and store loads on high storage shelves. Unlike the forklifts, the reach trucks are smaller in order to access narrow aisles. This lifting truck is perfect for warehouses or storage facilities that have limited work area. As the name suggests, a reach truck can extend its forks and reach a load that is stored on high storage racks. If you want to increase the overall work performance and efficiency, having a reach truck is a must. But the reach truck provides other benefits you should consider when planing to buy a material handling machine. One benefit is that this electric vehicle costs less than all other forklift types. That’s because this lifting truck doesn’t have too many moving parts nor it uses any type of fuel. When compared with petrol and diesel powered forklifts, the reach trucks are easy for service and maintenance.

It’s impossible to own all the machinery and equipment available on the market. It costs a lot to own different types of forklifts, reach trucks and other types of commercial vehicles. Luckily, there are truck hiring companies that enable small businesses to rent and use heavy machinery like reach truck. Renting a reach truck has became quite popular in the last few years. Unlike the regular forklifts, the reach truck is capable to lift pallets in vertical position. The work at the warehouse and storage facilities would not be the same without the reach truck. If a man needs one hour to move few pallets, a reach truck needs a minute to get that same job done.

The reach truck is essential equipment for every warehouse, you just need to find the right type. The basic reach truck is easy to maneuver between narrow warehouse aisles. The straddle reach truck on the other hand, provides greater security when working with fragile loads. The double-deep reach truck ideal for storing and lifting double pallets. This reach truck model provides greater visibility and it is easy for transport.