Real Marriage By Mark and Grace Driscoll

How often to you read books that speak about perfect marriage. The truth is there is no such book. You won’t find a book that has the answer to this question. However, if you are looking for a page turning, exciting, educative and guiding book that can help you improve your marriage, then surely “Real Marriage” is the one you want beside your bed. Pastor Driscoll and his wife invite you into their own home, talking sincerely about sex, dating life, arguments, mistakes and problems they have experienced together over the years. The book Real Marriage is full with stories about the marriage of pastor Driscoll and his wife and the stages through which they have gone together. Like many other married couples, Mark and Grace have struggled but managed to keep their marriage working even when it wasn’t so bright. According to Mark, sex plays great role in marriage and couples should be sincere on the things they both love or hate.

real marriage


“Real Marriage” is not just a simple pastor’s diary, but yet a book that talks about sex-related issues that can shake your marriage or make it strong as a rock. Mark and Grace unveil their own problems, not to preach others, but to encourage couples to communicate and to be more open even for the most intimate things that are part of every strong marriage. This amazing New York best seller is divided into eleven amazing chapters that can help you understand the marriage better and to accept the good and the bad sides of it. People say that it is easier to learn from your mistakes. Well that’s what Mark and his wife tend to do with this book. Chapter one reveals the intimate moments of Mark and Grace life and all the challenges they had to face over time. The second chapter of “Real Marriage” deals with the importance of friendship between the couples. Problems seem less serious when you see your partner as a best friend. The following chapters are exciting as well, talking about the roles of men and women in the marriage and the mutual respect that holds them together.

“Real Marriage” is not a helpful guide only for newly weds, but also for couples who are living for more than 10 years together. Pastor Driscoll advises couples to face their problems and to talk sincerely on what they like or dislike. Sexual issues are the main cause for divorces, so if you don’t want to end your marriage, read this outstanding book and spice up your love life.