The Reasons Why Businesses Use a Gantry Crane

Lifting heavy loads and being safe while doing it is the main purpose of a crane but not every one of them is made to lift the same amount and in the same type of environment. A gantry crane is not your regular type of crane that you see at a construction site. It is very versatile and it can be used inside warehouses or manufacturing facilities as well as outdoors. Here’s why many business owners love this piece of equipment.

gantry crane


I’m sure you’re asking yourself – how can a crane be mobile? Well, it is quite unusual but this type of crane is capable of being moved from one place to another while still being stable enough to lift some pretty heavy loads. With a crane gantry, you will have no difficulties uninstalling and reinstalling and you will also be able to work in very remote areas No matter the location, a gantry crane will always be available for use – you don’t get that with other models.


Despite it being extremely mobile a gantry crane isn’t a “lightweight” type of crane, in fact, its extremely strong for a crane of this sort. The amount of weight a crane gantry can lift ranges from 1 to 5 tonnes, which is quite remarkable considering how versatile it is when compared to heavyweight cranes. The lifting capabilities of this crane will meet the needs of water treatment plants and businesses that specialize in metal fabrication, the most.


With a gantry crane, you are able to customize settings like the height, span, and threads. This customizability is available either manually or through a power drive kit that comes with it. The kit has a trackless-drive and some guide-angle drives which can make your crane work in very specific ways. The manual change of settings is more permanent as it can only be reverted manually which usually takes more time and the automatic one is more for quick back and forth changes. Models will come equipped with either one of them.


There isn’t only one type of gantry crane on the market. The two most used types in mid-sized businesses are the overhead and bridge crane whose settings can also be changed to suit your needs. But, of course, different types of cranes will perform differently, meaning that there will be different outcomes. One thing is for sure with these cranes, and that is that despite being somewhat different they are all easy to operate.