Reasons to Go Solar: Reap the Benefits of Sustainable Energy for Your Home

Now that the importance of sustainable living has been brought to global attention, solar power is having a boom. More and more people around Australia are making a switch to renewable power by installing solar panels in their homes. Sure, many people also argue that the initial investment in solar power for home can be quite costly, but it’s definitely something that can benefit you greatly in the long run. Check out the following advantages of having your home run on solar power.Reasons to Go Solar

Inexhaustible Energy Source

This is one pretty convincing argument. Unlike energy sources like coal and oil which are non-renewable and will eventually diminish, solar power will always be available as long as the sun shines and the Earth spins. Moreover, coal, oil and natural gas are some of the biggest culprits for CO2 emissions and global warming. So, if you want to help save our planet, investing in a home solar power system can make a huge impact.

Plus, you won’t have to worry about power outages or damage to the grid. As long as the sun is up, you will always have a free supply of energy for your home appliances. And even if the weather is gloomy and there’s no sunshine, with the help of a solar battery that stores extra energy your needs will still be met.


Other than being more sustainable, the main reason why people opt for using solar power is to cut down on their electricity bills. Considering the high electricity prices in Australia, investing in your own solar power system can seem like an attractive solution. Once you pay for the system and the installation, you won’t have to worry about spending a single dollar more.

However, if you want to power your entire home this way, you need to make sure that the size and capacity of the solar power system correspond. So, make sure to consult a professional company providing solar power for home about your needs and expectations.

A great tip for putting less load on your solar power system is to replace all your light bulbs with LED lights because they are a lot more energy-efficient. If a lot of your electrical appliances run on standby mode when you aren’t using them, make sure to be more mindful about it and to turn them off when you don’t need them.


Once you install your solar panels, there’s not much that you need to do regarding their care and maintenance. There are no moving parts that can easily break down in solar panels, only PV cells which are stable semiconductors. This makes solar panels extremely low maintenance since you won’t need to do fixing and replacing parts.

Depending on where you live and the levels of pollution in your area, your main obligation will be to check the panels for dust on a weekly or monthly basis. Wipe off the dust and you are pretty much good to go! It is a good idea to schedule a cleanup of the entire installation once a year, though. However, if you can’t clean up the solar panels yourself, there are plenty of services that provide professional cleanup so that you won’t have to worry if you’ve done a proper job or not.

Also, it is a good idea to schedule an appointment with a professional to come and inspect your solar power system at least every two years. This way, you can always be in the know regarding the state of your installation.

A crucial thing to remember about your solar power system is the fact that you need to change your inverter every five to ten years. Replacing your inverter with a new one can prevent costly faults. Since the inverter is constantly working on converting solar energy into electricity, it’s always good to be safe.


Solar power systems can be used to generate either heat or electricity. The panels used to generate electricity are called photovoltaic systems and they don’t have to use direct sunlight in order to work efficiently. These panels can generate electricity by being exposed to just a certain amount of light, which makes them versatile enough to be installed in different parts. This ensures a constant electricity supply throughout the year regardless of the season.

Solar thermal panels, however, are panels that are installed with the sole purpose of heating water so that you have a constant hot water supply in your home. Usually, boilers generate a large amount of money on your electricity bill, and a solar thermal panel system will eliminate that problem.