Reasons to Greet This Spring with Endurance Road Bicycle

When spring pours all its magic on Aussie soil, the worst thing you can do is allow the spring-y lethargy to chain you to the comfort of your car seat, your motorbike or worst case scenario: your bed. I mean, there’s nothing wrong in riding the long, sunny roads with full speed and some good music on in a fancy car, but multitasking in this case is far better. Doing extremely beneficial fitness activity, breathing the fresh, spring air, and being amazed by all the wondrous colours of spring, is what any time-efficient human would do. Life is just too short to not consume all the positivity blooming nature has to offer.

And while looking for the perfect equipment piece that will allow you to be exercising while enjoying and relaxing on the road, I feel the need to elaborate on endurance road bicycles. Sure roller blades are one way, but can you go far with them? I don’t think so. A bicycle is a far better option for the purpose and for more than one reason.


A few good-to-know information

Endurance road bicycles are sportive bikes, and as such are designed specifically for long hours on the road. The feature that makes the most important difference from regular bikes is the saddle, which is designed to make sitting in it bearable (sitting on a bike saddle and riding for hours isn’t exactly a dream sport activity). This is provided by a seat post that’s lifted up a little more than ordinary seat posts. As such, it keeps your backside safe from any damage caused by bumping vibrations, and your legs fresher after rolling for hours.

Fitness on a whole new level

The name itself says it all: endurance road bicycles. Which means, you’re using your entire body muscles to ride the bike, keep your balance and move. We’re talking about legs, arms and core body muscles, with special accent on legs and arms. When you sit on an endurance bike, you automatically position your body in a rather hard position, and keeping it that way for a longer time period really asks for a high endurance rate. Although hard, you know the rule: no pain, no gain.

Besides an enviable definition of your muscles, the health benefits of cycling are numerous: you get a better blood circulation, which means more fresh oxygen to your cells, and as a result – better functioning of your entire organism, to name one.

The way to travel in spring

I think this aspect is far more important to remember when you consider getting your endurance road bike – exploring and experiencing the surrounding nature under the sun. Travelling on two wheels is a rather fun activity for adventurers and people who aren’t afraid to spend a night or two under the open sky. And even if you are afraid, you don’t need to go far. The mere fact that you can see and enjoy the art of spring and exercise at the same time is a worthy thing to consider.

A savings account? Nope

We all know how much we spend on gas, car maintenance, insurance and all the accompanying costs that come with owning a car. Yes, it’s a necessity and I’m not saying that you should ditch this way of transportation, but when weather and occasion allow you, why not save a few dollars and gain so much more? You’ll be exercising, enjoying and saving at the same time! You can even use your endurance bike for moving around town, because why not? An urban-looking endurance bike can perfectly complement your street style and pose as the perfect urban transportation way. After all, the Dutch do know a thing or two.

So all in all, considering an endurance bike as a way to greet this upcoming spring is a very attractive option. It’s the best time of the year to make a connection with Mother Earth and of course, to prepare your summer body.