Resort Casual: Tips for Choosing the Right Clothes for Perfect Beach Outfits

Over the last few years, we’ve been hearing a lot about resort casual style. Resort attire has been increasing in popularity and has far more uses than simple beachwear. While big hats, swimsuit cover-ups, and similar clothing pieces and accessories that you can wear at the beach can be considered a part of it, resort-style is much more than that. Over time, it has become a year-round fashion. It’s a casual style that’s also very stylish and elegant. It can include anything from beautiful summery dresses and beach pants to more formal outfits like evening dresses or suits.

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When you are going on vacation, it may be a little bit difficult to decide what to pack. And this is especially true if you’re going to stay in a resort with a dress code.  Of course, the weather plays a big role in what you put in your suitcase, but the place where you’ll be staying can play a much bigger one. Some resorts, cruise ships, etc. may have dress codes, like resort casual. 

Resort Attire 

Resort attire offers an incredible range of options, which is why it’s so widely accepted. Sometimes, it’s hard to understand what the place where you are going vacationing is expecting of you. In many settings where you are expected to wear resort casual wear, for the evening events it may be more appropriate to wear something more elegant and formal.

Beach pants

But even if you aren’t going somewhere where there is this type of dress code, resort clothes can be a beautiful, stylish and sophisticated addition to any women’s wardrobe. For instance, comfortable and stylish beach pants can be an integral part of stunning outfits for a number of elegant situations in the summer.

 These can be anything from linen pants, khakis, slacks, collared pants all the way to culottes, capris, and so on. And with a little bit of style and imagination, this versatile type of pants can be used in so many gorgeous combinations.

The simplest description is that resort casual is somewhere between cruise wear and business casual. This is one of the reasons why it is so hard to define. Some of the clothes may be appropriate to wear in the office, but other garments may be completely unacceptable. However, ladies have so many options when it comes to resort clothes, that it should not be a problem for anyone to find something they’d love to wear. 

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Dressing Resort Casual

If you are going for a resort casual, in a more defined sense, you should stay away from sports and streetwear, t-shirts, tank tops, as well as anything that has oversized texts or logos. Also, avoid evening gowns. You can wear jeans, but they have to be on-trend, high-end, expensive, made of good quality fabric, and a little bit dressy. When it comes to footwear typically ladies go for something comfortable, like espadrilles, or they can wear almost anything dressy, including elegant strappy sandals and close-toed shoes.


Nevertheless, you don’t really have to bring dressier shoes like stilettos with you, because that’s not really needed for the style. When it comes to resorts and cruises, even wearing flip flops can be acceptable, but only as long as you are going to the beach or by the pool. But if you aren’t sure about what kind of dress code there will be in the resort or the cruise to which you are going, or if you are not sure if the resort casual clothes you have will work, you should check out their website or their social media, or talk to someone who works there to get enough information.

Effortless Elegance

Resort casual clothing is usually made of soft fabrics. For daywear clothes appropriate for a resort may include ladies beach pants, fitted shorts, colourful tops, or printed colourful bottoms with more subtle tops. It can also include classy beautiful knee-length skirts and summer dresses. Evening events in resorts or on cruises aren’t as formal as they used to be in the past. Nowadays, you can wear a cocktail dress or a dressier pantsuit, with the right shoes and accessories. In any case, this style looks quite effortless, but elegant, tasteful, and always somewhat reserved, as well as comfortable. 

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In other words, if you are trying to achieve a resort casual style, for more laid-back occasions and venues, like if you are at the beach or by the pool, you can wear something more relaxed, like flip flops and an elegant and tactful swimsuit coverup. So, nothing that’s not classy, decorous and flattering will work. When it comes to colours, there isn’t some very restrictive limit, although wearing something bright, like the top, for instance, is preferable. You can go with neutral, less saturated colours, you can go for floral prints, or you can go for red, blue or yellow. You could also combine tan or beige resort pants, for instance, with a bright blouse with crew or boat necklines. 

When it comes to accessories, the first thing most of us think about when we mention vacations is the elegant but fun hats. Furthermore, resort wear can be accessorised with nice elevated rings or earrings, something elegant and chick. Furthermore, you can wear a leather bag, a clutch, a pouch etc. Like with the clothes, it should be something elegant and simple.