Royal Canin Food: A Great Way to Improve the Digestive Health of Your Dog

For both humans and dogs, walking is a great way to stay active and maintain their well-being. Only 30 minutes of walking per day can boost your health so it’s no wonder why dog walking is essential for your furry pal as well. Whether lead walking or not, giving your pet the opportunity to spend time outdoors could certainly improve his mood and well-being. But besides this, another fundamental thing for improving the health of your dog is to feed him right.

Just like humans, dogs can also deal with lots of digestive problems, which is why you should help them manage them the right way. The ideal way to help your dog keep discomfort at bay is to feed him with healthy and nutritious food like the one from Royal Canin.

But, how exactly does a dog’s digestion system works?

Well, each time your dog eats, he digests and absorbs the food nutrients in his small intestine. The intestine has a large surface area with lots of different cells that can make nutrient absorption (fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and proteins) more effective. Now, besides the intestine, the microflora or also known as ‘beneficial bacteria’ has a huge role in contributing to a healthy and functioning digestive system.

dog and his food

While dogs are naturally tolerant of their own microflora, they can still develop intolerance which can lead to chronic gastrointestinal issues. In other words, if the immune system of your dog begins to react to normal things, this means he could become intolerant to basic things like food.

What Is the Right Dog Diet?

One of the simplest rules of feeding your dog is to give him highly digestible food in order to avoid digestive sensitivities. And it seems that Royal Canin diet dog food is a great source of the nutrients your furry pal needs.

The first and foremost component of Royal Canin diet dog food is protein which is mainly obtained from animal sources like chicken. In other words, Royal Canin food is a high-quality food that contains highly digestible protein that is less likely to trigger digestive problems.

dog on diet food

Another important part of your dog’s diet is fibre since it’s used to regulate movement in their large intestine and improve its stool quality. On the other hand, fibre can also support healthy gastrointestinal function and help your dog to feel full after its meals and can help beneficial bacteria grow and thrive in its system.

When it comes to managing your dog’s digestive sensitivities, it seems that fat can be quite useful. High-fat diets can be effective in giving your dog the needed daily energy without having to eat large quantities of food that can only make him feel discomfort. However, you should keep in mind that in case of stomach sensitivity, you should keep the diet low in fat. In such cases, consulting with a veterinarian is essential to help your dog feel better in no time.

What Is the Proper Portion Size?

Just like for humans, healthy weight in dogs can be maintained by achieving a balance between energy intake and output. This means that the right portion size is different for different dogs, even if they are of the same breed. The easiest way to find out what portion size is right for your dog is to follow the label guidelines of the chosen food.

However, the size of the food portion can also depend on the size of your dog and its activity levels. For instance, more active dogs will need more food than recommended on the food label and vice versa. That is why consulting with your veterinarian before making any decision is paramount since you surely don’t want to cause your dog digestive problems.

Interesting Information to Have in Mind

How Much Protein in Royal Canin Dog Food?

This depends on the type of food and on the age of your dog. For instance, if your dog is between 1 and 7 years old and weighs somewhere between 10 and 25kg, you should choose a food with 23% crude protein. However, since there is a different type of food designed for different dog ages and breeds, reading the label carefully can help you understand its ingredients and quality.

dog eating his food

Where to Purchase Royal Canin Dog Food?

The easiest way to buy dog food from this brand is online from a trusted and reliable supplier. Nowadays, there are numerous Australian online stores specialized in pet products, food and accessories, so finding dog food from this particular brand would not be a problem.

Is Royal Canin Good Cat Food?

Yes. This brand also has food specialised for cats and their different breeds, caring for their digestive system and well-being the same way as for dogs.