Safety First: Hose and Cable Protectors 101

Cables can be messy and can cause real chaos when they interfere with foot traffic or heavy-duty traffic in work areas. People can trip and fall, the cables can easily get damaged and cause an electrical problem during working hours. In fact, damaged cables can easily cause fire at any moment, and the last thing you want is to deal with such a thing. Protecting the cable with a hose protector can be one of the best ways to keep things tidy, organised and safe. If you run a business, are a construction worker manager or simply want to keep the cables in your work area visible (if it’s a dark area) it’s time to make a smart investment that will last for a long time. Here’s what you need to know about cable protectors as well as some excellent reasons to get them.
Cable Safe-work platform

Choose Cable & Hose Protectors


The number of channels you require for cable ramps will depend on the number of cables that are running across a particular area. More channels will protect more cables and larger channel sizes can hold various types of cabling or hoses. This way, the flow of water or power won’t be disrupted. The channel style is different – some ramps with big capacity channels (like 5-channel cable ramps) come with a lid design for cables instead of a drop-over design.
cable protector 2 channels

Weight & Materials

It’s important to consider the type of equipment that will likely pass over the hose protector on daily basis. Forklifts, fully-loaded dump trucks and people may all go over the cables. For that reason, you need to select a cable and hose protector with a weight rating that is suitable for the worksite. For instance, cable ramp capacities typically range from 450kg up to 2700kg. For vehicles and industrial cable safety solutions, the ramp can support up to 18100kg of weight. When it comes to materials, you can find rubber, polyurethane and plastic protectors. Polyurethane is the most popular for commercial cable ramps because of its lower weight, durability and superb load-bearing capacity. This material is also resistant to oils and chemicals, as well as ultraviolet resistance, and won’t make any abrasion points.
cable protector ramps and hose ramps


No matter where the cables will be placed (a construction site, office, loft, warehouse, or any outdoor place) be sure to make them visible. Sometimes, when people are busy doing their job, they may not pay attention to where they walk, so it’s best for the hose protectors to be in a bright and easily visible colour. In places where dirt, dust and debris cover the floor, this will be of great help. Some colours will give you better visibility so you can see the ramp on the floor when walking, driving or maneuvering equipment. If the area where the ramp will be placed has challenging visibility, go for yellow or orange covers. They will easily stand out even if the lighting isn’t so well.

Reasons to Get Cable and Hose Protectors

Protection from Traffic, Foot Traffic, Heavy Duty Traffic

Let’s say you work on a construction site with heavy machinery that requires electrical power to work. There will be a lot of cables and traffic on the site, and in places like this, tripping and falling will happen more often than you think, resulting in injuries. Even if the workers are careful, they may not see the cable in the dirty and dusty construction site. They may carry a heavy load and be unable to see the cable. Or, let’s say you have a business run in an office with lots of desktop computers. There will be plenty of cables, and it would be a smart idea to keep them protected and under control.
cable protector protect from heavy traffic event

When you use hose protectors, everything will be under control. Even if people are careful about the cables, stepping over them will damage them over time. The same goes for heavy-duty traffic and vehicles. Surely, you don’t want to buy new cables over and over again when you can invest in a ramp that will keep things protected for a long time. If you’re a business owner, it’s your obligation to keep the equipment working safely, but also to protect the lives and well-being of your employees.

Durable, Safe, Easy to Use

Cable protectors are durable and will do their job for years. They can withstand a significant amount of abuse, which is essential in high-traffic locations. Durability is essential where heavy machinery and equipment go back and forth over these ramps. When you run a business, you should keep the place safe for customers and employees. Keep the cables secured so you prevent tripping and falling, or causing some sort of electric issues due to tangled cord. This way, you and your employees, as well as the customers, are safe. As a result, you will spare yourself from potential lawsuits from injured workers or clients.

These cable ramps are designed to be easily set up so you can easily move them around when necessary. They have a few demands when it comes to maintenance, so you won’t have to worry if the ramp will stay in good shape for a long time. Don’t forget to consider the cable ramps and connections (and whether you should match them). Match connectors on existing ramps so you can extend the channel protection (they have T-shapes and dog bone for easier connections).