Safety First: How to Secure Your Caravan Against Theft (And Prevent the Worst)

In this age and day, the days where you could leave basically pretty much anything unlocked and not secured and be at peace of mind, are long gone. Let’s face the facts, you check at least twice if anything is left open before you go to sleep, regardless of the fact whether you’re at home, leaving work or in a caravan out in the wild. And caravans are definitely not a cheap vehicle anymore – they’re a lifestyle and a huge investment.

Secure your caravan

I’ll confess, I had some belief in humanity a couple of months ago, and left my caravan unlocked at a camping lot. I left it there overnight just to come back the next day and find an empty campsite spot. Luckily, that made me wiser and I found out there are a number of ways you can secure your caravan, like buying a caravan wheel lock, an alarm system, install cameras, a GPS and whatnot. Here are a few steps you can take to prevent theft in your caravan, or the theft of it.

Physical Security

A caravan wheel lock and hitchlocks are the first thing you need to implement. They’re made by many manufacturers and their price range does not vary greatly. The wheel lock immobilizes the wheel, making sure your caravan can’t be driven away and even towed away. But to be fair, if someone wants to break into your caravan, they will do it regardless. However, a hitchlock and a wheel lock might convince them to skip your caravan and try to rob the next one in line. These are just some of the things that you can do to let the thieves know that your caravan is well taken care of and secured and that they won’t be able to steal it that easy.

Electronic Security

There’s a wide array of electronic devices you can use to improve your caravan’s security, and you’ve got to make a choice in terms of what you think will fit your caravan best. Anti-theft recovery devices are something commonly found on the market. Alarms can notify monitoring stations just like a house alarm. Invest in as many security devices as you think you need and can afford. Tracking devices and alarms will help you get back your caravan even if it does get stolen. You’ll find out where it is, who’s done it and will most probably help you get the thieves caught.

Storing Your Caravan

Most people can’t keep their caravans at home, so you have to look at different solutions. There are companies that offer these services and have security watch over your caravan 24/7. By registering your caravan with the caravan and motorhome club of Australia, you’ll get recommendations by experienced people in the industry about what are the best storage facilities for you.