Scooters: Give Your Kids the Chance for Outdoor Fun in Full Swing

Life can be overbearing sometimes, doing the same things day in and day out, dealing with the stress and problems but everything changes when you become a parent. All of the priorities shift and there’s nothing else more important on earth than taking care of your kids. There’s never a dull time when you’re in their company and as much as you teach them life lessons, they also teach you how to be more patient and why it matters to have fun as much as you can. As a parent, I’ve learnt that what I want or worry about should make way for my kids’ wishes. This was the case with scooters.


Though I’ve seen scooters take over the roads as a trend, I was still concerned, thinking if I buy them now I’d spend every day of my life just fretting that something might go wrong and an accident would happen. And yet, they still managed to persuade me, since there’s nothing that can quite compare to seeing your kids happy. It seems it was only yesterday they learned how to walk and now they were asking me for scooters (they really grow up so fast!).

Being new to this as much as they were, I needed to do my homework and check more into the different types available for sale to decide whether to go for the 3 wheel or kids 2 wheel scooter option. As I’d learnt afterwards, it depends on the age of your kids, with 3 wheeled ones being designed for toddlers’ balance and made of plastic. For mine, the 2 wheeled seemed perfect: made of secure aluminium board, light, compact and easy to fold and carry just about anywhere.


Parents often have the false impression that riding scooters is safer than riding bikes because it’s done on the pavements so they leave out safety gear altogether, but accidents still happen even if not as much as those with bikes. This is why I made sure I equipped them well for safety way before I actually bought the kids 2 wheel scooter. As much as I’ve read positive reviews, I thought I can’t risk it so I don’t let a ride happen without a helmet or knee and elbow pads.

It’s thanks to celebrities that scooters became so widespread and their ease of movability still makes them a trend among kids. I’m sure there are many parents out there who are reluctant to this outdoor activity, but now that it’s part of my kids’ lives, I say go for it. They deserve to get the joy of staying outside, doing something they love. My kids are happier than ever and full of energy. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen them so healthy either. If it keeps them away from electronics’ screens all day, it’s worth it.