Secrets To Being Healthier And Happier

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Want to live longer? Feel happier? For centuries, ancient civilizations like native Australians, the Aboriginals, Aztecs, American Indians and others have used natural plants and herbs to boost their health, energize their bodies and brain. These natural health aids really do work wonders and the best thing is that they are all available at stores near you. If you, however, have hard time finding them in health food isle at local grocery store or nearby health store, browse on-line and in just few clicks be healthier and happier.

Boost Immune System – Aboriginals relied on star fruit, also known as carambola to stay healthy. This delicious fruit is loaded with vitamin C and longevity-boosting antioxidant, proanthocyanidins found in green tea and red wine. Thus, boost your immunity with star fruit which tastes like a combination of pineapple, plums and lemon.


Ease Anxiety – Native Americans, Indians used pumpkin seeds to ease anxiety. It is believed that these miracle seeds originate from Mexico, but Indians were the first to recognize their nutritional and healing benefits. and studies show that a handful of these brain-enhancing seeds will help you fight depression. This is mainly due to the presence of an amino acid, L-tryptophan, which helps fight insomnia and lowers depression.

Live Longer – Take an advice from Aztecs empire – eat chocolate treats and live longer. This empire is among the ones that lasted the longest, and it is no wonder why. It is believed that they literally worshiped chocolate or cacao bean to be specific. And scientist say chocolate does prolong life. Also, according to recent studies, you should enjoy dark chocolate three times a week to live longer. It is loaded with flavonols which improve blood flow to the heart preventing heart attacks and strokes and lower high blood pressure and cholesterol. Thus, the next time you wonder what to get your loved ones for a special occasion, surprise them sweet and health boosting chocolate gifts.


Have A Healthy Heart – Sesame was a major part of Egyptian medicine. This flowering plant is loaded with two powerful antioxidants, sesamol and sesamin which lower cholesterol and blood pressure. Also, thanks to copper, iron, calcium and zinc, sesame promotes bone health. Since it has the highest oil content, it’s been proven that sesame reduce hypertension and relieve stress. Thus, start cooking your favorite meals with sesame oil to improve your heart and beat stress.

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