Selecting The Right Boom Truck Crane

In the recent years, a significant increase in construction project was recorded, but also a significant increase in boom cranes sales. There is a wide range of boom cranes for sale, as they can meet the requirements of any construction project that needs moving supplies and equipment. There are many manufacturers of boom cranes for sale that declare themselves as leaders in boom cranes sales. But one world-wide recognized manufacturer of boom truck cranes is HIAB.


HIAB invented the first hydraulic truck-mounted crane and today enjoys a world-wide reputation. Since its founding, the company is a leader in boom cranes sales, including a comprehensive product line of lifting machines and solutions. The reason why HIAB is the No.1 boom crane manufacturer is simple – its boom truck cranes are designed for the toughest applications, yet last long. The owners of HIAB boom cranes can expect a long term value and dependability, whether they invest in a new or a used machine.

If you are looking for a boom truck crane, you should definitely consider the wide range of HIAB cranes, as this brand offers over 60 boom cranes for sale. In order to match a specific application, you need to get the one with enough lifting and reach capacity. HIAB offers boom cranes for sale from 1 ton to 8 tons which can reach the distances up to 25 meters. HIAB boom truck cranes are not only designed with advanced safety features, but are all thoroughly tested. The exceptional hydraulic systems provide you with unmatched control of the crane and a great design that provides the operator with incredible comfort.

Whatever the application, HIAB has the right boom truck for you. From light range boom cranes for lifting light loads, to severe-duty boom cranes capable of lifting heavy concrete forms, building supplies and construction equipment, HIAB is the destination. HIAB boom cranes for sale are characterized by their exceptional performance, innovative design, advanced safety features, durability and dependability. As the industry has the highest resale value, a boom truck crane by HIAB may be a wise investment for you. A cost-effective solution for daily use and for heavy duties, the HIAB boom truck cranes cover wide range of applications.

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