Simple Cement Mixer Buying Guide – Part 1

A portable cement mixer, also known as portable concrete mixer, is a heavily used machine in the construction industry for mixing concrete. It can mix a variety of ingredients such as cement, sand, gravel, water and other additional materials that are used in the process of creating concrete. The portable cement mixers usually come equipped with a rotating drum, a motor which rotates the drum and a metal handle which allows the user to move the drum and to pour the concrete on the ground or into wheelbarrows once the concrete mix is ready. Portable concrete mixers are mobile mixers, meaning that they can be moved easily from one location to another. They are usually designed with wheels, but some models can be mounted on trailers.


Most people when looking to buy a portable cement mixer, are mostly interested in the capacity of the mixer only. The durability, quality and the price range are another important factors that require close attention, but the bearing capacity of the portable cement mixer is the most important feature. This is important because certain construction tasks and projects require large amounts of concrete to be used, and a larger capacity portable cement mixer will enable for such task to be completed efficiently and in time. If you are looking to buy a portable concrete mixer, the most important factors to consider are the power source, the portability of the concrete mixer, the capacity and the maintenance.

Advantages And Benefits Of Using Portable Concrete Mixer

Mixing the concrete ingredients manually can be very difficult and also painful for your back. Portable concrete mixers can save you time and effort. Using a portable concrete mixer can simplify your job, while at the same time the end result of the mixing process is a strong, homogenous and high quality concrete. Furthermore, the process of cleaning the drum after the concrete is ready is very simple. Although concrete can be mixed in different types of containers manually, the process of cleaning these containers afterward is more difficult and time consuming.

Buying a Portable Concrete Mixer is a Better Option Than Renting One

Even if you are buying the portable cement mixer for the first time and for a single job, it is still a more cost-effective option than renting a mixer every time it is needed. You can either keep the mixer for other projects, or sell the portable cement mixer for a good price once the work is completed. Another big advantage of the portable concrete mixer is its weight. This machine is lightweight and can be lifted easily from the ground and placed on a truck for transportation. Other advantages of the portable concrete mixers include low cost, less service and less maintenance requirements.

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