Simple Guide To Buying Girls T-Shirts


T-shirts are probably the most worn pieces of clothing by children. Comfy, easy to put on and they come in so many different models (long or short sleeves), styles, colors, graphics and patterns. Also, the material from which girls t-shirts are made ranges from poly cotton to pure cotton blends. With all these possibilities, choosing the perfect girls t-shirts for your child can be difficult but not impossible. Stick to this simple guide and you will purchase the best girls t-shirts for your princess.

T-Shirt Sizes – Girls t-shirts comes in many different sizes which means you have to know your daughter’s size so you can buy the right one. The right size also depends on how your kid wants to wear the t-shirt.

T-Shirt Materials – In the past all t-shirts were 100% cotton. But with time, manufacturers began making t-shirts with mix of cotton and polyester or just with polyester. Many designer girls t-shirts are made of strong jersey cotton and interlocking rib-knits, what makes these t-shirts elastic. You just have to remember that not every material suits every season. Some girls t-shirts when worn in the summer can make your daughter feel uncomfortable. A nice fabric such as cotton is always the right choice for summer girls t-shirts.

Length Of The T-Shirt – Thanks to the fashion industry, today we have various girls t-shirts that comes in different lengths. There is the normal length, t-shirts that go down to one’s knees, etc. The length of a t-shirt can vary from too short to too long.

T-Shirt Necklines – The crew neck is still the most common cut but there are also many different cuts for the girls t-shirts necklines. Scoop neck, the v-neck and the square neck girls t-shirts are available on the market.

Sleeve Length – Girls t-shirts also vary in sleeve length. Lately, one of the more popular girls t-shirts are tank tops or sleeveless shirt. Also popular are the surf shirts which only cover shoulders. There are also girls t-shirts with half sleeves and long sleeves.

T-Shirt Designs, Colors And Prints – Untill1950, all girls t-shirts came in only few colors (primarily white). Due to numerous fashion designers and trend setter, girls t-shirts are today available in so many colors, prints and designs. Also, thanks to the companies like Disney, brand logos started being printed on t-shirts. Today, some girls t-shirts models feature pockets or buttons. And with growing kids clothing industry, girls t-shirts designs will continue to change, giving parents greater options.

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