Somnetics Cpap Machines Provide Great Results

Somnetics Cpap Machine

The number of people who suffer from sleep apnea has grown really fast, and this is one of the reasons why so many manufacturers are tempted to design smaller CPAP machines beside the regular and bulky CPAP machines. These small CPAP machines are specially designed for traveling. One of the most popular small-sized CPAP machine is manufactured by Somnetics Global PTE Ltd.

This well-known manufacturer of CPAP devices created the Somnetics CPAP, the world’s lightest and smallest portable CPAP machine, known as Transcend. The Somnetics CPAP Transcend is a fully functioning fixed pressure machine that offers sound rating equal or better than many other CPAP sleep apnea machines. With its incredible features like auto attitude adjustment, ramp and advanced therapy tracking, the Somnetics CPAP machine does not compromises quality for size.

When compared with other CPAP machines, the Somnetics CPAP Transcend machine provides the same CPAP therapy. These devices are different from other CPAP machines in many ways, such as weight, size and portable power options. Fitting in the palm of your hand or in your pocket, and with weight of around 420-430g, the Somnetics is a modern, innovative, lightweight, portable and quite effective CPAP machine. The main purpose of the Somnetics CPAP is to ease the life of every CPAP user, especially those who travel frequently.

The Somnetics Transcend is the lightest and most convenient CPAP machine which can be worn on the head while sleeping, and additionally saves space at home. This Transcend machine is vibrant free, so you won’t even notice that the machine is on your face. The Somnetics Transcend docking cord can be bought separately. Additionally, the machine comes with traditional power cord, which can power the machine for 8-10hr. The Transcend CPAP machine can be powered by a regular wall outlet power supply or with the help of a battery. The Transcend is the first fully portable CPAP machine, ideal for regular nightly use at home and for travel.

Interesting Fact About Transcend

  • The Somnetics CPAP Transcend mask comes with competitive price on the market;
  • Transcend’s humidifier system has a proprietary interface what makes it compatible with the most used nasal seals;
  • The Transcend mask comes with a two year manufacturer’s warranty;
  • The universal AC power supply is suitable for international use.

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