Sparkling Wines – Serving And Food Pairing Guide – Part 2

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Now that we have helped you pick out the perfect sparkling wine, here are few tips on how to serve your amazing imported sparkling and which food to pair it with. With our tips your party is guaranteed a success!

But, first things first – let’s go over the differences between Champagne and sparkling wine, if there are any? Champagne and sparkling wine are the same thing. The only difference is the region the bubbly comes from. The well-known and loved Champagne comes from France, from the Champagne region and is the only bubbly that may be called Champagne. Others produced in Spain, Italy, the US, etc. are simply called sparkling wines.

Imported Sparkling

It is important to serve your imported sparkling wine in fluted glasses only because their design helps bubbles come together and come to the top. This helps intensify the aroma of the bubbly and allows all the flavours to come together. Thus, steer away from plastic cups, white and red wine glasses and never use beer mugs to serve your imported sparkling.

Another key element is temperature. Never serve your imported sparkling wine at room temperature. It is best when served at a temperature between 4 and 9°C, depending on the quality. The best way to ensure perfect serving temperature is to use a wine cooler refrigerator. Of course, if you do not own one, regular refrigerator or a bucket filled with ice will do the trick. But do not leave the champagne in for more than couple of hours.

When it comes to opening your imported sparkling wine, make sure you do it slowly and away from your guests. And take time to pour it into the glasses. You surely do not want to waste any bubbles. Fill the glasses up to two fingers from the bottom, wait for the champagne to settle and then fill the glasses (2/3 only).

Once you have your imported sparkling opened, it is best to use it all. in case you have some left, please do not pour it down the sink drain. Use the wine stopper to to prevent oxidation and store it in a refrigerator. Your imported sparkling will be good for few days.

So, we learned the difference between Champagne and sparkling wine; we picked out the perfect imported sparkling for the party; we learned how to properly serve and store bubbly and we just need to master the food pairing and you’ll be all set.