Steps To Become a Rigid Truck Driver in Australia

Wondering how you can become a rigid truck driver in Australia? If so, your searching ends now as we have you covered. Truck driving job is one of the most popular and most profitable jobs lately. It is a well-paid, but exhausting job and involves a lot of hard working hours behind the steering wheel. Truck drivers are often responsible for transporting expensive and important cargo. This means that truck drivers are an important part of the transportation industry in Australia. If you are ready to take that responsibility and buy a rigid truck for sale, here are the steps of becoming a rigid truck driver.rigid-trucks-4

Step 1: Learn More About Trucking Business

First, decide why you want to become a rigid truck driver and check if you are sure about becoming one. Driving a rigid truck on open roads sounds really exciting, but rigid truck drivers are gone for weeks or months away from home, including weekends and holidays. This can affect personal relationships, since not all are able to lead this kind of life. So, talk with other truck drivers or visit some forums to learn more about the trucking life. If you cannot spend a day without your family, search for a different life calling.

Step 2: Check The General Truck Drivers Requirements 

Once you’ve decided you want to become a rigid truck driver, it is time to learn the general requirements for being one in Australia. For driving commercial trucks in Australia, you will only need a license for light rigid trucks. To get a Light Rigid license, you must have a year under a “C” Class license and no violations earned. In terms of personal requirements, you will need to have a basic mechanics understanding, good driving skills, be physically fit and love doing practical work.

Step 3: Know The Working Conditions And All Responsibilities 

Before you start looking for a rigid truck for sale, you should know the many responsibilities of truck drivers. You will need to complete detailed log reports on a daily basis, which include driving hours, petrol amounts, fatigue breaks, mechanical breakdowns (if any), accident reports and more. You also should list the date, time and duration for business administration purposes. All paperwork must be filled correctly. In addition, you will need to check all the fluids of your truck before any trip to ensure safety.

Step 4: Get The Required Training For Rigid Truck Drivers 

To become a rigid truck driver, the last thing is to get the required training. There are many training organizations and courses you can enroll in. Training courses ensure you learn how to operate a rigid truck and that you meet the regulations required for licensing. The license you will get is valid all across the country. At the end, all you need is to buy a rigid truck for sale, if you plan to be an independent contractor or apply for an open positions available in big logistics companies.