Sustainable Prefab Homes: What Green Living is About

Being part of a consumerist world, it doesn’t take long to develop consumerist habits. Yet, as we’ve seen time and time again, it can be harmful to the environment, so the lifestyle we choose to have has a say in how the world turns out to be.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise the trends in the last decade focus more on the minimal, the sustainable, the organic, because we see what Mother Nature endures and how it affects us. The home is the core where it all begins, so why not value the innovative design that sustainable prefab homes offer?


Also known as modular, these are the homes of the future. What’s specific about them is they are built indoors in a modular construction hub with controlled environment, passing through many inspections, then get transported to the desired location and assembled. A word of caution is to be careful with the term since it refers to permanent structures and isn’t to be confused with mobile homes.

Due to the manner of production, the benefit that impresses most people is they can be built and installed within 12 weeks, and they are much more cost-efficient than traditional homes. Sustainable prefab homes also promise a great choice of materials used in the construction, all from carefully chosen resources, such as recycled steel, teak timber from sustainable forests, and low VOC paints.

Materials can differ from room to room, and it’s up to you to decide on the details. Owners have a say in the design, so you can count on custom-made home based on your style requirements and budget. All it takes is being creative throughout the planning process.

This means modular home designs aren’t all the same, and part of the unforgettable experience is choosing the accessories. Another benefit that people appreciate is having a fixed price since the beginning. The location plays a crucial role as well which can determine the size, the heating and cooling options, ventilation and insulation, accessibility, wind-proof, anything with the focus on withstanding external hazards and energy-efficiency that makes modular homes the eco-friendly homes.

While you get the structure and spaciousness of traditional houses, you don’t get to pay the same which explains the growing number of fans of sustainable homes. If green living is what you’re after, then these homes are your ideal option, and you can take it a step further by choosing solar power as your main source of energy.