The 3 Most Important Considerations Before Fitting a Crane To a Truck

The truck crane is one of the most versatile and flexible crane types on the market. Many construction managers recognize the advantages that a truck crane can bring to their companies and do not think twice whether to invest in one or few. But do you know what truck crane really is? It is a unique combination of a crane unit fitted in the back of a truck. Thanks to its mobility and incredible functionality, the truck cranes can be used for a variety of tasks. Also, it is attachment supportive, so with many attachments available, the truck crane can be an extremely versatile lifting machine.


Truck cranes can be found on the market as a factory-made products, but many operators decide to fit a crane into a truck by themselves. Some say that this is not an easy task to do, because many factors and considerations need to be taken into account. So, here are the three most important considerations that must be taken into account before fitting a crane into a truck.

Stability – The stability is crucial for any crane, so before fitting a crane into a truck, it is necessary to check how the crane impacts the truck and its stability. As the crane unit is most commonly fitted into the back of the truck (for additional flexibility and overall reach), the rear end of the truck gets heavier and may impact the overall loading capacity and the stability of the whole unit. This means that the position of the crane unit must be determined carefully. For the best results, the contractors need to consult with a truck crane expert.

Ensure A Great Visibility – The visibility is also very important, and commonly the crane manufacturers state that it is the main factor when designing a truck crane. When fitting a crane into a truck, you need to ensure a great and wide field of visibility for the operators. Today, many truck cranes are operated by a remote controller, as it is safer and much more efficient method for controlling the crane.

What Type Of Load Will Be Carried – The third important consideration is to specify what type of load will be carried and lifted with the truck crane. If it is known what type of load will be carried, the truck crane will be designed to withstand the loads efficiently.