The Advantages a Petrol RC Car Kit Has Over Other Types of Kits

There are two different ways you can get your RC vehicle: fully operational or ready to be assembled. And while the latter won’t allow you to use it as soon as you get the package, it is a really good way to learn more about your RC ride and its parts. Getting an RC kit will also save you some money since you are going to do the last bit of manufacturing by yourself.

But although you may think that choosing one from the great variety kits on the market is tricky, as a matter of fact, finding a great RC kit is not that difficult – your best bet always is getting a petrol RC car kit. Why? Take a look.

petrol RC car kit

Real-Life Replicas

Although most RC vehicles nowadays look very similar to actual vehicles, with a petrol-operated car, the real-world similarities are brought to a different level. You see, in a petrol RC car kit you get a glow engine that not only uses a lubricant mixed fuel, but it also has an internal combustion process with two cycles. This part alone makes it closer to how an actual vehicle operates.


Since these types of RC vehicles work much like real vehicles, although their speed may not be on par with a life-sized car, they can be pretty fast. This may not be the case with every petrol RC car but there are vehicles that can reach 100, 110 km/h or even up to 160 km/h. No electric or even a nitro-powered RC car can do this.

Longer Runtime

Unlike an electric RC car, petrol-powered ones will give you way longer runtimes than a 10-minute drive around the neighbourhood block. Even when your vehicle has run out of fuel, all you need to do is refill it – you don’t have to wait for it to get charged. They also have a more consistent runtime, which means your vehicle won’t start to drive slowly towards the end of it.

Varying Temperatures

A petrol RC car kit won’t be affected by drastic temperature changes, unlike electric RC cars. Plus, it has no restrictions, which makes it more durable.


The higher speed range of these vehicles is a result of their light weight, which also makes them very nimble when it comes to making sharp turns. No one wants a slow and bulky vehicle, except if you are going for an RC truck that can climb over steep hills.