The Advantages Of Owning A Knuckle Boom Crane

knuckle boom crane

A knuckle boom crane is a hydraulic type of crane that brings many benefits. It can be used for a variety of applications, but it is most commonly used on ships and some moving job sites. The knuckle boom crane is a very efficient machine, mainly because it can load and unload itself. The reason knuckle boom crane is such widely used is its hydraulic component that enables this lifting machine to have the boom hinged in the middle to form a knuckle. This knuckle decreases the distance between the load and the crane, ensuring less motion of the load and increased control over it. Aside from this, there are many other benefits of the knuckle boom cranes.


Although it is most efficient at moving job sites, the knuckle boom crane can be used in many different applications. The knuckle boom cranes can be used for lifting operations, but if matched with the right attachment, these machines can also perform moving and carrying operations. A crane that is able to perform these three types of operations can be called a versatile performer.

Compact Storing Behind The Cabin

The knuckle boom of these cranes takes up little space and has a compact folding nature, allowing the owners to make the most of the space. This means that the operators can store additional loads behind the operator cabin, which is not a case with the straight boom cranes. This benefit of the knuckle boom cranes is a big plus, especially for those who use a knuckle boom cranes for carrying operations.

Hydraulic Attachments

The knuckle boom cranes can be equipped with hydraulic attachments which are required for handling specific loads, especially when handling only one type of load. The straight boom cranes are more complicated to be matched with hydraulic attachments, because of the big possibility of tangling of hoses. With that in mind, the knuckle boom cranes are specifically designed with the ability of handling one type of load only. Additionally, their design includes a hollow exposed boom, so hydraulic attachment can be easily attached. The knuckle boom cranes provide much more flexibility at the end of the boom, as any hydraulic attachment can touch the ground with no efforts.

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