The Art of Coffee Table Decor

Coffee Table

Regardless whether you choose to use it merely for accessorizing, for setting down your drink or propping up your feet, the coffee table has evolved way past plain rectangular wooden piece. Some offer clever storage, while others boast versatility, but if there is one thing they all have in common – it is their ability to draw attention as they’re usually smack dab in the middle of the room. If you were looking for some ideas on how to give your space the much needed finishing touch, we got you. Time to set the tone of your living room with a well-styled coffee table and show off your design flare.

The Effortless Way

For the never-going-out-of-style coffee table accessorizing solution, go with the no-fail trick – use two books (one slightly smaller than the other) and a round glass vase. Fill the vase with inexpensive fresh white flowers and let their simplicity and smell radiate positive vibes all over your home. In this case, less is certainly more!

The Rule of Three

The classic design rule of thumb that always works well, is having an odd number of matching items. Pairs can sometimes bee too symmetrical in a small arrangement, that’s why many interior designers go with “the holy trinity” of accessorizing. Place three small size flower planters on top of your coffee table to contribute to a more Zen-like feel. Positivity overload.

Create a Visual Grid

Arranging the objects on your coffee table in a grid formation will help create a harmonious effect, especially if the display mirrors the seating. The easiest way to form a grid is with the help of books, however, for the sake of adding more interest, choose objects in different materials, such as glass, wood, stone and fabric. Break the formality by adding a vase of fresh flowers in a contrasting height and texture in the center.

Game of Heights

Styling up the coffee table with a couple of accessories in different heights is another way to add more energy to it. You can also apply the rule of three here, only this time the items should be of noticeably different heights. Placing the tallest piece in the middle is a smart way to achieve pleasant symmetry, but in some cases, a little unintentional asymmetry can be eye-captivating as well. Just make sure to add some height – everything will fall into place and the whole group of items will feel more interesting and dynamic.

Add Simplicity to the Unusual

To tables that have a non-defined and unusual shape, plants are even more friendly. Think tulips with gentle blossoms to help tone done the drama of the table and to add more life and vividness to the space. The power of nature is always more than welcomed in interior design. Embrace its splendor.